Singapore Street Noodles

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    Been to PF Chang's with my wife on special occasions and she always orders this. You can make it with shrimp in it like PF CHang's does or just add two more vegetables to give the dish the extra flavor instead. Making your own curry powder fresh from scratch puts this in a whole 'nother Universe but store bought will do (recipe for the curry powder at the end).

    Mis en place

    3 packs Ramen Noodles (any flavor)
    3 qt boiling salted water
    2 tbls toasted sesame oil

    3 Tbls Corn Oil (or canola oil)

    1 cup carrot cut in matchstick pieces
    2 cups green cabbage cut in julianne strips
    1 red bell pepper in matchstick pieces
    1 medium yellow onion, julianned
    2 cups green beans, cut on the bias in 3 inch strips
    2 Tbls chopped garlic
    16 medium shrimp tail on

    1/4 cup oyster sauce
    2 Tbls Soy Sauce
    3 Tbls Mae Ploy Sweet and Hot Sauce
    1 Tbls Rice Wine Vinegar
    1 Tsp Garlic Chile Paste
    1 Tbls Catsup
    2 Tbls Curry Powder

    1 bunch scallions cut on bias
    1 Cup coarse chopped cilantro, stems included
    1 Tbls Sesame Seeds

    Bring salted water to rolling boil, add the ramen noodles and mix around so all cook at same time. When 3 minutes has elapsed drain noodles into colander and rinse with cold water to stop cooking. Shake and drain all water. Then drizzle on the 2 Tbls Sesame Oil and toss so noodles fluff and are dressed with the sesame oil.

    In a large wok or dutch oven heat on highest burner you have until the pan is screaming hot. Add the corn oil and wait until it is screaming hot. Add the group of vegetables, toss with tongs in the oil, season with salt and pepper and sauté about 3 minutes. Now add chopped garlic and shrimp and saute about 3 minutes tossing occasionally with tongs so everything gets cooked and combined. Next add noodles to pan and sauté about 2 minutes more. Stir bowl with sauce mixture well and then pour into the wok, toss everything with the tongs so it all gets coated with the sauce and noodles and vegetables get mixed well, simmer about 2 minutes. Add the chopped scallions and cilantro and give it one more toss. Dress up the whole thing with the sesame seeds and serve into large bowls with tongs to ELEVATE the product, give it some height, serve immediately. Don't be surprised if folks want 2nd helpings.



    Homemade Curry Powder:

    Mis en Place

    2 Tbls Black Peppercorns
    2 Tbls Corriander Seeds
    1 Tbls Cumin Seeds
    1 Cinnamon stick broken in half
    6 Cardamon pods
    1 Tbls Tumeric Powder
    1 Tbls Mustard Seeds
    1 Tsp Red Pepper Flake

    Toast all spices in a small skillet on LOW heat about 5 minutes. Shake the pan a few times so everything gets toasted nicely. It will smell quite fragrant. Now spoon everything into an old coffee grinder or spice milll and grind for about 60 seconds shaking the container while grinding so everything gets chopped up. Use immediately or store in a small glass jar/lid until further use is required,
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    Oh, man Mike! This is something I will have to try this! Did they give you the recipe at PF Chang's or did you sleuth this out yourself??? Thanks!
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    Part search, part sleuth. Figured out that adding the sesame seed oil to the rinsed noodles while they were still warm really gave it that missing "thing".
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    My stepmom is 1/2 Thai and her and my dad have lived in Thailand for over 20 years now. Once I was lucky enough to go visit with the kids. Can not tell you how much I love asian food!!
    your recipe for homemade curry powder has me wanting to make curry RIGHT NOW!! :p

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