Single comb RIR Bantam Rooster, breeder quality! Must go!


Sparkle Magnet
May 6, 2009
Akron, Ohio
Hello everyone! After no success on the craigslist boards, I am putting up for sale a Rhode Island Red bantam rooster, aprox. 3 years of age. His hen died a few months back, so I can no longer use him for breeding. My loss is your gain!
I live in Vail, a small town about 5 miles from the Tucson, AZ city limits. Pick up may be hard, but I can meet someone somewhere. I will not ship, as the weather is very hot. This bird is a real sweetheart, who often prefers eating out of a persons hand than using the food bowl.
Please consider buying him! If I can't sell him, I'll have to cull him, and with a bird this pretty, that would be a crying shame.
I have paypal, or I can take a check or cash. Price is $15 OBO. PM me if you are interested. I will also trade for a call duck hen or a silkie hen.
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