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    I have 5 (4 pullets & a roo) young single comb BLRWs ( a breeders' "throwaways"). They came from a nice looking flock with rosecombs. If I breed my roo with my hens, will all the chicks have single combs? Or will i get a mix? I'm not sure what a single comb x single comb will make, not sure if my BLRWs are still carrying the rosecomb gene? They were hatched from rose comb BLRWs.

    New to Wyandottes.....and chickens!

    Donna in Central NY
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    You would get single combs. The rose comb is dominant, so one copy of it and they would appear as rose comb. It would make a fun project to cross them with another single comb breed to start working on a laced single comb in another variety.
    If you wanted the rose comb then you could get some standard BLRW and cross them in. This would give you rose comb offspring and then any crosses of those would have mixed single/rose combs that you could select out.
    You could just keep and enjoy them the way they are.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks Bill! Funny you should mention crossbreeding as that was the original plan when i got the BLRW chicks to breed to my Barnevelder roos next year to start working on making Double Laced Blue Barnevelders. I don't need a BLRW roo for that but i accidentally got one and now he's so pretty I want to keep him but it's tough to keep so many roos!

    Donna in Central NY

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