Single hen, widowed, seeks ?_____? chicken for companionship...

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by StPaulieGirls, Aug 10, 2008.

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    Aug 14, 2007
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    Okay, friends, I'm looking for advice for my newly lonely Buff Orpington hen, Poppy. Her only coopmate died last week and Poppy's desperately missing her.

    Please give us some matchmaking tips. My only goal right now is to make Poppy happier, but I will miss our sweet Ameracauna's greeny-blue eggs.

    About Poppy:

    "I'm an 18-month old Buff Orp, sweetly tempered (unless you think I'm guilty of attacking Bea, which my person was tempted to believe, but she now is convinced a small predator did the awful deed and I'm considered innocent...). I lay regularly when not stressed out, am as good at finding and sharing food as a roo and I prefer to sleep in my nest box (which I'll share with the right girl). I've taken to crowing in the morning, so I hope you're okay with a little transgender inclination.... I'm really stressed right now and can't decide whether I want company or want to hide in my nest box forever. Call me."

    About her she:

    - another handraised chick?
    - a younger pullet?
    - a docile older bird?
    - just one bird to replace her missing friend, or the more the merrier?

    What should I do? Buy a grown bird, quarantine and then integrate them? Buy a couple of chicks and help her get friendly with them as they grow? I only have a permit for 5 chickens and was happy with two. I'll consider more if that's the best thing for Poppy. I just want my poor dead bird back, but that's not an option, so I have to make a plan.

    Thanks for any suggestions...sleep tight everyone.

    - Kerri
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    I can see a new category title....personals for chickens! [​IMG]

    S/RIR/R looking for young, beautiful, plump hen, breed not important, for romantic walks along the garden and moonlight roosting in a romantic little coop getaway. To share intimate relationship, possibly lead to polygamous living arrangements. Respond to nesting box 202 if interested. No nonlayers, please.
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    LOL beekissed!

    I'm sure Poppy would love to have some companionship; I hope you find just the right one for her. Wish you were closer; I'd give one of my girls to you for some company for Poppy.
  4. coffeelady3

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    I would do about the same age, or maybe a little but younger. One thing to keep in mind though....quarantine, quarantine, quarantine!!!!

    Did I mention something about quarantine? [​IMG]
  5. i'm so sorry about Poppy's friend. Chickens do mourn, i know that for sure. When re-entering the world of chickens last year, i was doing a lot of shuffling. Switched out some RIRs as they were too aggressive, then settled on Penny (my avatar) and a Polish (what i thought was a ) hen. Well, when it turned out to be a rooster, i rehomed him, so Penny was left alone. She was making the most forlorn sounds i've ever heard.

    We needed a friend, and fast! The only hens available in the area were small 3 week old pullets. We were desperate, so picked up one. i was worried about the age and size difference, so kept them separated for a day or so. But soon it became apparent that they needed to be together.


    i guess my point is, if you have a lonely hen, it doesn't so much matter the age, just find her the healthiest companion you can, and they will work it out.
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    What a heartwarming story... and with a pic to boot!
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    Apr 22, 2008
    We had the same thing happen when one of our RIRs was killed by a predator. The one left wasn't accepted by the other hens so was in her coop by herself at that point. It was impossible to find a companion her size, so I just got two 4-5wk old chicks and put them in her coop with her at night. She checked them out for a while that evening and by morning had totally accepted them and they followed her around like she was their mommy. Very cute!

    George and her "babies":

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