Single parent of 5 adorable feather babies


Dec 10, 2018
As the title says, I have 5 adorable feather babies! They're Coturnix aka Japanese Quail, such lovely animals, and they grow up so fast!

Super early baby pictures (my 5th hadn't even hatched yet):

Wachteln 161118-01.jpg

Bibble (left) and Bubble (right).

Wachteln 161118-05.jpg

Bibble doing a big peep (also my profile picture).

Wachteln 161118-06.jpg

Quark (named after the physics particle).

Wachteln 161118-07.jpg

Quark and Cream, unfortunately my cage interfered with the picture.

Later picture of my 5th:


Named Fiver because 5th and last to hatch.

More recent pictures (taken last Friday):


Bibble (left) and Bubble (right) standing in their sandbox.


Cream standing in the "nest".


Quark being a fluff atop the heat plate.


Nice view of Fiver, still a bit smaller than the others at the time.


The eggs they hatched from.

Until today they were all kept in an old parrot cage that acted as their brooder cage with a heat plate in it. The heat plate worked amazingly well btw, would definitely recommend. Took out the heat plate a couple days ago when they got old enough to make their own heat, plus they're indoors so it's generally pretty warm anyway.

Today some of them started doing calls, and Cream (male based on pattern and calls) started pecking at Bubble (male based on pattern) and Quark (tuxedo so not sexable on pattern, suspected male) so I had to transfer him to my small transport cage.

Bibble (female based on pattern) then started pecking at the others too, which I hadn't been expecting. When I moved her into the transport cage with Cream, both of them immediately calmed down and laid down together. Apparently they had bonded, guess I'll be keeping them together then.

Assuming the remaining three get along (they might not if Quark turns out to be a male) I'll just get a second proper cage for Cream and Bibble. Probably easier than getting one really big cage for all of them like I was going to do.

So yea, that's me. Hello people of BYC!

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