Single turkey chick


11 Years
May 7, 2008
Treasure Coast, Florida
I rescued a turkey chick from the feedstore that was on the verge of death. Didn't even think it would survive the drive home, but I couldn't leave it. That was on Thursday. It was touch and go for a few days, but now it's moving around and eating on it's own. A little wobbly, but so much better.

Do they imprint like ducks? It gets all excited when it sees me and I try and give it as much attention as I can. I think it's strong enough to be with some chicks now. Maybe some a little younger. I have several ages, but all are too old to go with it. The feedstore won't have any more until late in the week.

I could drive to a store in the next town if they have any young enough or wait until later in the week. Would it be better to get some sooner? I will only be able to get chickens either way.

It also seems to have a reverse schedule. Sleeping more in the daytime and up running around and eating at night. Probably because I was able to give it the most attention/feeding at night the first few days.
Yes, it's still doing well. I got two chicks today. It shows mild interest in them, but they are sleeping a lot. They are only a few days old, but almost the same size. It is really still more interested in me, but it does seem to be eating and moving around more since I got the chicks. It did strutt for them when I first put them in (it's only a week old today). I really wanted it to be a female.
A little turkey? Adorable!

Don't have much else to say other than I'm glad your little turkey is doing well!
You know, my friend is raising turkeys and she swears that they are more friendly than her chickens. They do seem deeply inquisitive, and WILL vocalize in response to a human voice. If you don't put the turkey in with chickens it can buddy around with, you might want to put a feather duster in the brooder for the little guy so he/she doesn't get lonely.

My friend's turkey she raised last year demanded to be held all the time (which was hilarious when she got around 19 lbs).

congrats on saving it! You're it's guardian angel.
The little one is still happy to see me, but does seem to want to get back to the friends after a few minutes. It is eating much better now.

At first the turkey was picking on the chicks, then the chicks were picking on the turkey. Now they seem to be coming to an understanding and getting along pretty well.

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