Single Young Roo seeks hens to crow old with?

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    We know this is not the wanted ad section - but this is a behavior issue. You see, Cruella keeps running away (far away in fact) The last time I found him a mile away on the side of the road. All he needed was a stick with a bandana tied to it. So, we think he's looking for hens that would have him. Lord knows these hens here just beat him up! So, here's what we're trying, what do you think? Is the problem that he's lonely?

    Single Young Black White Crested Bantam Rooster seeks hens of same breed to crow old with. He enjoys long walks in the pasture, catching bugs, cracked corn and chicken keep away with spaghetti noodles. Sometimes, if the moon is right and a hen would feel inclined, he could enjoy the occasional piggy back ride *wink wink* although he is saving his first time for that special someone.

    Keeps updated pictures on his person's facebook page (Little Patch on the Lane)

    Owns his own home (on the porch) in Teays Valley, WV and is employed full time frightening unprepared delivery drivers and guests and is known as a neighborhood celebrity.

    Hens with chicks are fine, loves baby chicks, not opposed to being a Step-Rooster. Interested in starting his own family as the chickens out back are prejudice and do not accept his bi-racial colors. Therefore, they attempt to pluck out his crest!

    Last name is de'Ville, first name Cruella. He's secure in his Rooster-hood and proud of this name.


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    Sep 29, 2009
    Awww, he needs a Mrs. de'Ville [​IMG]
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    Feb 9, 2010
    I hope he finds what he is looking for... YOU ARE FUNNY!! That was the best post I have read all day!
  4. SilverPhoenix

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    Dec 15, 2009
    Penn Valley, CA
    [​IMG] This post is hilarious and adorable! I hope he finds a nice new home and flock soon!
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  6. tuesdays chicks

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    Apr 26, 2010
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    He's gorgeous I wish I had some pullet that wouldn't be prejudice, but you live too far away anyway. Gl finding him a home
  7. Gallo del Cielo

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    I wish I could take him! Very funny post. Thanks. [​IMG]
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    Awww, he's something to look at alright! [​IMG] I really hope someone here on BYC has a similarly unique hen for him to crow about. He deserves his own flock of accepting gal pals! [​IMG]
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    Thanks folks! He's just so lonley. I feel bad for him. He just sits around with his little crest down. :eek:( Today he's been sitting on top of the brooder, watching the babies. He'd be a wonderful Daddy!
  10. I think, having experience with both Polish and bullying of them, that he's looking for some peace. I know you're looking for some hens for him, and I hope you plan to separate him from the rest of the flock, or else you'll just have a whole family pulling a run-a-way.

    However, traveling so far wouldn't give me peace of mind. If this bird were mine, I'd keep him locked up for his own good, allowing him to take refuge in a nice dog crate until he had his own hens and a new coop separate from everyone else. I'd be worried about him coming face-to-face with a predator or getting hurt/lost. When Polish get lost or disoriented, there's no hope for them.

    And as far as him being lonely, well, a nice young rooster like him is probably feeling very useless without some hens to guard and care for.

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