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Written by George Conner (@connerhills)
George Connor Rest in Peace

Sinus Infection Removal in a Peafowl

Blue pied male, owned by Caroline, She brought the bird over to learn how to get this cut out, and is doing the procedure. The patient with a Sinus infection that has grown and hardened and covered the right eye.

Starting the cut around the lower part of the infection.. Used sterile (?) razor knife. Starting a low point to allow for drainage as it healed.. Some times it will fill up with liquid as it heals but goes away with time.

The cut is still too small to remove the mass; just a little bit more.

Enlarging the size of the cut just a little bit; the bird is still calm and restrained

Applying pressure to remove the hard mass. Sometime it is necessary to press from the back side ( or inside the mouth ) as well. This one is dried to a hard mass and will come out pretty much intact and leave a clean cavity.

Empty the sinus cavity

Exterior of sinus . Loose skin should return to normal appearance in a short time. If it should puff up from fluid, press it to drain or give it some more time to go down.

The removal is completed, I flushed the sinus cavity with Tylan 200. Dusted the bird for mites with Sevin. Gave him 1/2 cc Ivermectin for worms. Oral with 1/2 cc tylan 200. His eye was open 15 minutes after removal of the lump. He was still in some shock.. He was released and went home to rest. There normally is no downside to doing this to remove the hardened sinus . I have seen birds that do lose their eyesight, but I am not sure that it was not gone before doing the removal.
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