Sinus infection spread


Aug 8, 2020
I took one of my EE to the vet for a swollen shut eye and nasal drainage they said sinus infection.. so I quarantined for the 2 weeks and gave her the oxytetracycline. All is good now. I was curious and a little nervous so I’ve been talking about it on a respitory help page One lady said the only way to get rid of this whole thing happening again was depopulation and starting over 😭 all my babies mean so much to me I could never if it was just a sinus infection I caught it early enough and bleach the nesting box roost etc. that maybe it wouldnt happen again in any of my hens . I obviously know there is a chance but has anyone had experience with sinus infections spreading and not having to end up “depopulating” I just can’t imagine that being the only answer to eliminate the infection from completely going away
Did your vet tell you what type of bacteria caused the sinus infection? Not all sinus infections are "respiratory diseases", so if none of your others are sick, I think you will be okay.

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