Sinus Infection/Swollen head Syndrome?

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    Aug 8, 2012
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    So here she is, my 6 month old Ambrock. She eats, drinks (not as much as I'd like) walks around, chats to the dog etc etc, and besides being now blind on one side and abit wobbly, she seems fine, under stimulated I am sure, but inside, and she has the house to wander around now and again.

    It all started when her eye socket swelled to the size of a large golf ball, then after 1 week it moved to the top of her head, both sides. I started her on antibiotics for at first pneumonia, thinking it was/could be a respiratory illness, but that did nothing so I called the vets and asked for an antibiotic for a sinus infection, cost a fortune, but I think she's worth it and we are on day 4 :/ nothing is really happening. I have looked around this site and seen a similar case, and it took about 3 to 4 weeks to pass, but I am not sure of what happened in the end.

    Any tips, ideas, suggestions as to what it could be?
    My others are healthy and happy.
    She has been moved indoors, so she's warm and its quiet. I have read up on Swollen head syndrome but I have yet to see a picture of a hen, like mine.

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    Apr 17, 2013
    I'm not an expert but it seems like a build up of fluid and should be drained and cleaned. If you can I would take her to an avian veterinarian to get looked at if you haven't already.

    Is the swollen area soft or firm?

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