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  1. So, at 3:09 I get a call from Natasha at CPS (from an Unknown Number so lucky I answered at all)...

    Sister and the kids are at her office right now and since we've taken KK (niece) in the past they figured we might again... and thrown in a 6 month old nephew too... she asked me why we chose to quite taking care of her back then... excuse me WHAT... WE didn't chose anything, KK was removed according to the agent at the time because we made $50/month too little to support her. Thought it was a lie at the time, but couldn't do anything about it. Then she asks if since then we've had any criminal acts, etc. Still married? So on... long story short she wanted to know if we could take KK and Max immediately. I told her I would have to call DH and speak to him. That we don't make rash decisions like that without talking it over.

    Tried calling DH at work, they were swamped, other guy wasn't there so running like mad... I'll call you back.

    At 3:38 (not even 30 minutes you notice) Sis calls whooping and hollaring "They're taking my kids"... never once in the rant did she say "Will you take them"... not once... and while on the line mentions she's been there since 9am.... over SIX hours and this is the first she could bother calling me... though, she took time to call mom, who's also there and had been for an hour... NO ONE called me about any of this... until the caseworker did. She says that weeks ago when they stayed in a shelter a couple days that someone called on them and they're just now getting around to doing anything... that they gave her a drug test and while she admits to smoking pot "all this other stuff showed up somehow"... yeah right... anywho, going on and on ... I said "the caseworker told me it was okay for me to call DH and talk to him and then call her back. Had me jot down her full name and number and everything, so what the heck?" So she's relaying this, but I can't hear the reply... more upset... then CLICK. That's helpful.

    Tried called Natasha, got voicemail... said something like "Sis just called, and she's understandably emotional, could you please call and let me know what's going on? Thanks." but no call back as yet.

    Tried calling mom, she just sounds dazed... WAY too mellow... which is kinda freaking me out... she's a ranter you know? Ended with 'can't talk now" (in almost a monotone) and that was that.

    DH finally called me back at 3:58 (not a full hour since first contact) and said what I figured... that it's NOT a good idea... now I know I can't handle a baby... mentioned it just a few weeks back, the fact I don't speak baby anymore... I'm spoiled having kids that tell me when they're hungry, thirsty, etc. But, with the class he's in right now he's REALLY threadbare and this won't help. Not that KK is a problem, but having CPS breathing down our necks AGAIN, having Sis pulling her stunts AGAIN (can't even begin to describe all that since this is a family site, yes THAT bad, and in front of her kids and ours).... it's just too much.

    So, much as I love them, and it's going to just KILL me... so would having them here... and then it would also be MY kids at risk too, and I just can't do that... they're my responsibility, my #1 priority... KK and Max should be the same for Sis, but just never have been.

    Anywho, just feeling about two inches tall and needed to vent... Mods if this is too adult feel free to delete it, I won't mind. Wish that I didn't know about it, so I understand if no one else wants to.
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    I'm not a very religious person, but all I can think to say is........God Bless You. I hate it when life sucks this badly. It's no consolation at all, but at least you still care ... If you didn't care it wouldn't hurt. And yes, you're children MUST come first for you.
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    We provided shelter care to an 18mo back in January whose mom walked into DSS and told them she was high. Needless to say, they took the kid away...two days later he went to great-grandma (in her 70s). I felt bad for the family - GGma was the only one willing to take him in (willing to risk family strife), but she was obviously the least capable of handling him. He is an ACTIVE child.

    I feel for you. Never easy when family puts you in those types of situations.
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    just know that you are NOT two inches tall. you are 10 feet tall for taking KK the first time.. and for even considering them a second time after what i can only assume was hell from your sis.

    good luck and many hugs!
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    Well, I say you did a great thing by not accepting a situation that you know would only turn out badly for everyone involved. It's hard, but maybe this will be what *does* it for sister, seeing her children to go someone that she has no hand in picking. You know? I hope she gets her life straight immediately. [​IMG]
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    You did the RIGHT thing... no question. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yes, chances are that it will be a lot harder for her to get them back this time, and she can't try to finagle her way into that family's lives.
  8. Yeah, that's what my HEAD says.. but my heart just breaks for KK. This isn't the first time she's been tossed around like a hot potato, and no doubt she'll remember this one just like the last one.

    Sidenote in Sis's rant she was griping about CPS not allowing Mom to take them... going on and on about that... she didn't like it too much when I said "But, YOU are the one that told them all that stuff about her the last time so that they wouldn't let her take KK then"... which is true, she REALLY did some serious badmouthing... drunk, abusing, suicidal ... now granted that's mostly true, but it's due to her that they knew anything about it... so why are you now complaining that they took you at your word. *sigh*

    I swear they are both stock staring MAD... it's like they have TIVO for their brains and just cut and paste the bits they want to remember, and edit those to boot...

    Appreciate the kind thoughts. I have a sneaking suspicion I won't be hearing from Mom or Sis for a while... least not in any kind of friendly way... though, sis will have to contact me eventually since her stupid car is in our driveway (think tranny) and the keys are in the house.

    Golly what a mess.
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    I read about your other drama with your sister. Believe me, I understand your frustration. My sister is a narcissistic opiate abuser, I found this out when she came to live with me.
    Good God.
    Maybe this will be best for the children, because your sister will not be able to manipulate or get herself involved with another foster family.
    Praying they find a peaceful drug free, drama free and get the love and support they deserve.
    My heart goes out to you.
    You are ten feet tall, don't you worry yourself about this.
    (yeah, right).

    Thinking of you

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