Sis Deserves A Beatdown

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    Soooo DD has head lice.

    Hasn't gone anywhere, not even school since we're HSing.

    ONLY person to stay the night was niece KK.

    Who, while here, mentioned she was slated for a haircut the next day.

    A chopped off above her ears chili bowl.

    Mom figured Ash was using again, and when she does she chops her own hair uber short (even shorter than mine was!)... and I've seen users flip out hunting bugs... so I hoped that perhaps she just hallucinated the bugs in KK's hair/cut it for another reason. The fact that they'd been to Mom's just the week before and Mom (absolutely PARANOID about bugs) did a thorough search said that there wasn't a speck... she'd have treated them and alerted us if the girls had had a single egg.

    ^This was learned AFTER the spend the night in question

    But no not a hallucination... it's true... and a great big thanks (and boot to the rear) for sending KK to stay the night and not saying a word... yup thanks SOOOO much. DD chose to trim some of hers... up to elbow level instead of top of pants. She remembers all too well how painful the process was last time (again, KK only person staying the night) DS was due for a trim too so he's good and buzzed.

    I'm debating... I've put on weight which makes my face look fatter, short hair doesn't aid that and DH tries to say he likes short hair (Calls it sassy/spunky) but really I know he doesn't care for it... so here I am with long (for me, past shoulders) hair that I want nothing more than to chop off and shove up my inconsiderate twit of a sister's nose and I can't make up my mind... short hair, less pain, easier job, and overall more comfy since long hair on me is just a frizzy afro but a cranky hubby.... or keep the hair and suck it up... *sigh* probably suck it up. I'm such a patsy.

    Oh... Did I mention that DH's hair is long? Past shoulder blades long? Yeah, he's not loving his SIL much right now either. Of course he wouldn't consider cutting his hair... so that'll be fun.

    Anywho, just needed a good vent.
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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
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    Quote:Sorry, no help here, just hugs and support [​IMG]
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    Mar 21, 2010
    sending positive thoughts [​IMG]
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    oh sister That happened to me too except with a nasty ex SIL--she knew her kids had it and sent them to stay with gparents for 2 weeks-they live right next door. So for a week they were going back and forth to our houses and then I spot one really digging in her hair- I checked her immediately-yup lice. ALL grandchildren had to get treated-my 2 DD's 4 neices and 2 nephews not to mention the adults that came in contact-short haircuts for most-she denied it all that it was on purpose until she was in teh throws of her divorce and then the truth came out-she did it on purpose ( not treating the kids since they were leaving the next day after she found out they had it!) She never liked us anyway and decided we deserved it-poor kids...I feel for you and you should say something to loving sis-again poor kids I feel for them too:-( [​IMG]
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    Glad (and at the same time sucks) to see I wasn't the only sucker... dernit why can't people have some consideration? If not for fellow adults at least for the little kids involved. DD's hair is ... or rather was... the longest in the family. She loves her hair. Likes the shorter, but 10-1 she'll grow it right back out. KK USED to have bum length... then mom decided she (mom) wanted it shorter... now KK's hair isn't like DD's. It just doesn't tangle... it's freaky really but it's SO straight it just doesn't want to stick I guess. No call at all to cut it... unless she had lice then too. Wouldn't surprise me since she cut it shoulder length and then started lubing up her head in baby oil "'cuz it prevents lice"... as I said, that was the last time we had a confirmed case too... and no notice then either... she's quit doing the baby oil thing and whatta ya know she has it again... maybe the bo thing works? But not once does she stop and think "hey maybe I should have my kids in a cleaner environment"... nope, not at all.

    Sorry, it's just one more thing in a long line of stupid human tricks she's pulled. [​IMG]

    Thanks for the support guys, this is just such an annoyance. And I still get to call my In Laws... they stayed there Friday night and have stayed over a few times since KK's visit... so they'll have to check too. Bonus fun for mom. [​IMG]
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    Too late in the day yesterday to get all of our hair done AND get all the bedding and all treated so we're starting this morning.

    My hair is gone, meant to leave a little more, but ended up short as ever. Amazing how well the gray shows when it's short.

    Still have to put in the call to the In Laws... unless DH decides to mention it to his Dad at work.
  8. PineappleMama

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    So, did me and DS earlier... did DD's last (she was last up)... stuff specifically says Do not leave on for more than 10 minutes. Well, darn if 10 minutes did leave me finding LIVE bugs still crawling in her freaking hair. Not one, but several. So isn't that just peachy. And that was the name brand Rid stuff, not the Walgreens brand that DS and I used. Two different combs and the dern eggs won't come off. Hands are cramped from picking them out individually.

    And we've still got DH's long hair to do... joy oh joy...

    No wonder my Sis hasn't been stupid enough to call me since picking KK up... [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] You have my deepest sympathy.
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    Mar 26, 2010
    bummer. Never had lice so I cant help.

    (But I have encountered flease. I HATE FLEAS!!!)


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