Sis in the lead Turk right behind,,, here comes Blue but wait!!!

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    My mom invited us to dinner and over the table she snorted Mac and Cheese at me. For a good reason. She and my dad had company today and they were sitting the living room talking when the husband of the couple visiting asks "What the heck is going on over there in that yard???" That yard of course was mine. So they all troop over to my West fence and watch the chicken races.

    Evidently Little Turk tried to get cozy with Big Sis,, one of Blue Roo's ladies. Well she took off running hell bent for leather with Turk right behind; Blue being the good and protective roo is his is right behind Turk. Suddenly from no where comes another entrance in the race, Sparkle is now chasing Blue! Big Sis stops, Turk is tired of the chase, boy was Sis confused when Blue kept right on running, right past her! Sparkle was right on Blue's tail (literally) and Blue wasn't stopping for anything. My dad decides Blue (his favorite) needs saving, my mom of course says let Sparkel have him, she and Blue don't get along. So my dad goes in the yard and tries to chase Sparkle away from Blue.

    The visitors and my mom are now practically on their knees laughing so hard because all over the yard goes Blue, followed by Sparkle, with my dad bringing up the rear yelling and flapping his arms like wings. Turk, noticing Blue is busy takes off after Sis again, so now it's Blue, Sparkle, Dad, Sis, and Turk. LaRoo and Nugget are on the porch watching the circus. Blue by now is exhausted, my yard is huge at least a quarter of an acre. Blue stops running, Sparkle stops, and Dad runs over Sparkle, at this time Sis runs past everyone chased by Turk and poor Blue re-enters the race to save the Sis.

    My mom said they were out there for at least 20 minutes watching this, she said poor Blue was just worn out and couldn't run anymore and just laid down in the yard panting. Sparkle ran and saved Sis from Turk whereupon Sis goes and sits with Blue and leaves Sparkle alone wondering what happend. Then they went to lunch at El Bayo our hangout and entertained everyone with the exploits. My dad said he hasn't run that much since he was in the Navy during the Korean Conflict. I need a video camera.
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    Oh, that is too funny. I can picture it, and it makes me laugh. A movie camera would be nice, but good descriptions such as yours are just as good as a movie. LOL, your dad flapping and running. Too funny!!
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    ROFL!!! I would have loved to have seen that, but the description is pretty darn good too. [​IMG]
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    Dec 25, 2007
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    LOL I know,, my dad is like my mom and will never admit how much time he spends either with or watching my yard entertainers. He grew up with chickens in the San Fernando Valley of Calfornia and in Stephenville TX. The new friends just moved here from MN, really nice people. Now they want chickens,,
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    Too funny! What your dad did sounds like something mine would do; though my dad swears he doesn't like animals. [​IMG]

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