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    Last Thread was dated 2008, so I'm starting a new more updated one. We are a small convent of Sisters located in Santa Clarita Valley, So Cal. We have nine chicks, assorted varieties but all hens. One I think may have Mareks, but I'm unsure. I hope she survives, she is a beautiful little thing, a Buff Orpington. A beautiful golden color. I have two Orpys and wish I had more. They're friendlier than our two Rhode Island Reds and three Barred Rocks. We also got one Leghorn, just to see a white egg once in a while. One Cuckoo Maran is all we have and believe me that's plenty. At one week she stood shoulders above every other chick and is by far the largest yet. She was so much bigger than the others I thought she might be a he, but I was assured she is a she because of the red atop her head. She is as feisty as the Leghorn and between the two of them, there is much ado about nothing. They seem to get everyones feathers in fluff in a millisecond. They're inside the convent for now and we will continue working on the outdoor coop. The chicks are one month today. Where are you and what kind of chicks do you have?

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