site to try if you're looking for a horse you knew/owned

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    I just wanted to share this site

    I've posted a few horses I'd love to have updates on and continue browsing listings to see if I recognized any. When I checked this weekend one sounded really familiar and it turned out to be a TB I knew at the track. I was so saddened to hear she had fallen into bad hands and ended up in FL confiscated because she was starved. She also has a large burn scar on her back...just makes me sick to think how that could have happened. The lady who posted for info on her adopted her and she is doing great! She's her hunter over fences mount and the pics she sent me just made my day. I was able to fill in a bit of history from when I had her at the track and I gave her my old boss' ph# so she can try to trace her history of where she went after retiring from the track. He usually arranges to use rescues for retiree's but sometimes the owners sell privately. It seems she still has the great personality and laid back attitude she had when I knew her, she was 3yo then and was one of the easiest horses I dealt with back then. It just really made me happy to hear she's doing well despite what she endured before being rescued.
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    Perfect timing! I just read an ad on Craigslist of someone looking for a horse they used to have. I'll give them the link.
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