Sitting Chicken-walks a little then sits-odd behavior


7 Years
May 17, 2012
Fort Myers, FL
2 years old
Golden laced Wyandotte
weight seems fine
she has been doing this for about a week and a half

Will find her sitting in yard as I approach (16'x16' enclosed pen) others are behaving normal...she will get up when I come in to feed but will walk around a bit and then sit down again...not dusting, just sitting...with one or both wings slightly out...almost looks like her legs are giving her dusk when I go into the henhouse she might be on the bottom of the roost which is a 2x4 that none of them normaly sit on...but she has been found sitting there instead of on the roost rods several times now...

no other birds acting this way...did start shortly after one of the other girls went broody but the other one sits on a nest of fertile eggs I got from a friend...besides the sitting she is acting normal as well as the other girls too

no bleeding...area just where feathers are around vent might have some "broken" blood vessels...vent clean

I have 6 other girls-so poop? all that I see around looks normal

I have seen her eat...We feed layer pellets and cracked corn...I haven't noticed her drinking

legs do have some deep red color to them above the "feet"...I did put grape seed oil on birds and roost after this has started just in case it was mites

comb and beak look good

birds are dusted with seven lice or bugs of any kind have been seen

Houseing is a large wooden house, with roof vents, ceiling fans, walls are boards with spaceing approx 1/4" apart, raised off of the ground 3 feet....pine shavings in nests and on floor area

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