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    I have a little banty hen who was sitting on 7 eggs... went in there just now and there were only 3 non cracked eggs... some were completely gone! She is protective but the other hens are just bigger and meaner i think! I have found eggs in there that others have laid (removed them right away)... we are about on day 6-7 (you can see veins and a darker spot...)

    my question is can i move her? She is just covered in yolk (her tummy) and the three eggs are dirty. I know not to wash those, but can i move her and still have her nest? I took her off the eggs to clean out the box and give her fresh hay and she just nestled right on down on the eggs....

    i just dont want to loose anymore! :(

    and if yes i can move her.... does she need an actual box? or i am thinking an extra large dog crate we have, that way i can put water and food in with her?

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    Moving them is a little risky, it will break broodiness at times, but it sounds like you need to take the chance. I'd do it at night, and take the nesting material as well, so it seems more familiar. The dog crate is just fine; they need to be able to move around a bit anyway; I wouldn't put the food and water where she can reach it. You can just put a pile of hay or whatever on one side for the nest, or use most anything for the nest -- it can be open top or open front. A cut off cardboard box or 5 gallon bucket on its side both work well -- whatever you have lying around.

    Good luck!
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    This is the problem I've had when letting a hen sit where the other chickens have access. If you do move her, do it at night and as smoothly as possible.

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