Sitting with a cup of coffee. (coffee lovers)

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Mr MKK FARMS, Sep 23, 2013.

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    [​IMG] Cute!
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    Jan 27, 2014
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    Wishing everyone a happy Monday today!!
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    Good Monday Morning! Y'all all stay safe as this nasty weather heads our way. Not suppose to be bad here til Wednesday or Thursday. Some folks about an hour from us had the tornados Friday. Praying for a little boy that was severely injured!
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Welcome to BYC. You must be in Western Kentucky.
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    May 19, 2013
    Good morning from Oklahoma~we are about 30 miles from Quapaw~lots of tribal friends there but all ok. So sad. Coffee was excellent this morning and chickens are busy mingling among! good day~
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    welcome!!! [​IMG]
    I understand being kept up nights. :hmm I wouldn't have my life any other way either. =D

    God's healed me from migraine (twice a week, three days at a time; absolutely nothing helped or prevented them), among other illnesses and other non-physical stuff. I agree with using what He has provided; we start with diet changes and exercise, herbs and natural remedies, and use doctors and hospitals only when absolutely necessary.

    Thank you!!! =) He said to get it in as soon as I could and he would grade it without penalty. [​IMG]

    Hope you enjoyed your fishing trip!!!

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    Welcome to the thread![​IMG] Glad to hear you are okay. Way too much destruction.[​IMG]

    Looks like a beautiful week to come.[​IMG]
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    Question from me, the newbie, my chicks arrived one day old and it was already snowing so we raised them in the basement until Christmas. Then we moved them to the garage to a huge cardboard brooder with a canvas top but they would not go out of the garage in the snow. But I opened the big doors for them a few hours a day to let them see the sun. Now that the snow is mostly melted they run allmover the place and put themselves to bed aver night at 7 and I go out and shut all the doors. But now that I've lost one I am trying to watch them more and lock them up if :idunnoI have to go to town but they won't come in! The coop is almost done but I don't know if I need pens or not... Any ideas?
  10. Puddin Fluff

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    Mar 30, 2012
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    We taught ours to come on call to treats so that anytime we need to close them in, they are more than happy to come. Don't know if you have been doing that but it won't take them long to learn it. If you associate a certain call (here chick, chick, chick (for us)) with their favorite treat (scratch, strawberries, tomatoes) then when they hear you call, they come running and while they are distracted eating, we just shut the door.

    Good luck.

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