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    Here we get a Fungal infection called Valley Fever. I had one die from it last year.

    Many chickens have infectious Coryza. The chickens get sick from it when they are stressed. With all of the problems with lice and mites, I would check to see if they had them and then treat for the Coryza. Check for sure, but Tylan is what most use.

    I hope they get better!
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    Thank you! And I appreciate the information. I'll be checking them all when I get home from work.
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    I have no help for you at all.... But :barnie and :hugs emotional roller coasters are not fun! I hope it settles out one way or the other soon! (But, a good outcome would sure be nice)

    On a happy note:

    Did you notice my avatar and sig line change? :weee sandhill cranes on the lawn! :ya the swallows will show up a month later.
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    How are you feeling today Chicki? Take care and rest up!!!
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    Yay for cranes, and Green instead of Snow!! [​IMG]

    Thanks for the support! [​IMG] I'll be so thankful when this mess is over - one way or another. But I too am praying for a positive outcome.
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    X2 @chickisoup
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    Total bad hair day. Need more coffee!!

    [​IMG]Hope you are able to treat it.

    I did notice your avatar. Did you take the pic?
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    Someone tampered with my coffee, it tasted like pizza. [​IMG]
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    :yuckyuck so funny! Poor hubby!

    Yep, I took my avatar picture last year. We had lots of snow that year, and the cranes showed up when I still had snow in the South yard. That is why everything is white behind the crane's head. It makes it stand out very nicely though.

    And, drumroll please, here is the picture out of my kitchen window. Actually, i never stand and look out of that window... Since from that window all you see is a tree, a bit of fence and a neighbors house. :sick actually, the way the roof slopes, that window is usually a solid wall of snow by February, so during that time of year I try not to look at it.

    However, THIS is my favorite view of that window.....


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