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    Just taking a mocha break. Still can't do too much with this stupid bad arm and banged up ankle yet, but I'm healing, probably would heal up faster if I would just behave myself but it's finally SPRING!!! I've got an entire summer's worth of to-do list already and just sitting around thinking of things to add to it isn't helping!!! I still need to get the new brooder cage/grow out pen setup built in the coop and the chicks are already two weeks old, hubby just came home with 100' of fence to replace/expand the second "play yard" for the girls, till the east garden, plant my beans, turn over the beds in the herb garden for the tomatoes, yada yada yada and the onion plants that should have been put in last week are still sitting in the fridge! Oh, did I mention we are looking at at least 3 more days of heavy rain???[​IMG]

    Bright spot. When I was on the porch a bit ago I was buzzed by a hummingbird looking for his feeder [​IMG]

    BTW - about the bears. Lived with em' for over 20 years now. Fortunately these aren't city bears, they're still wild bears. They only come near the house in spring when they just wake up, are really hungry but food is still scarce. A little common sense and remembering we moved into their neighborhood. Bears that have become comfortable around people are far more of a problem, and dangerous, especially if you are dumb enough to set out a buffet for them. That's part of our spring problem. There was a huge old sow bear we met the first year we were on the property and she had figured out, because of some city folks that had started living in their vacation homes full time not far from us, that houses meant birdfeeders (thanks neighbors) filled with high energy sunflower seeds even when there's still snow on the ground and taught this spring trick to several generations of her cubs so we would get a visit once or twice every spring before the woods greened up and there was plenty of natural food. After a while we were'nt on the route anymore and then all at once we were again. Huh? Wait, new folks in the old farmhouse just across our field. We were already friends so I walked over. Sure enough, she had birdfeeders on her deck [​IMG]as fate would have it, she got visited that very night with claw marks right thru her screendoor. She thought surely the little one right next to the back door would be ok. No more feeders next to the house, unfortunately, she is still usually late to take the one she still has by the edge of the woods down. I put out feeders in the winter too, but take them down long before the bear wake up and my hummer feeders come in the house every night.

    The "vacation" folks had already gotten a wake up call of their own several years ago when the old sow herself had decided to show up for a nice summer evening snack and planted herself on their front porch, trapping them in the house, while she sat down and munched seed out of their fancy birdfeeders and washed it down with hummer syrup! They called the sheriff and she was still there, all stretched out, when he arrived. He thought he could scare her off with his siren but all he did was annoy her. Eventually, she got up, stretched, and started to move, s l o w l y, so he fired his shotgun thinking to get her gone a little quicker but all she did was give him the stink eye over her shoulder and a low growl [​IMG]
    No one ever saw her again. She knew when it was time to disappear ahead of the fall hunt, that's how she lived so long in the first place, but she was getting so old we all figured she probably just went to den for the last time.
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    Crazy how far north hummingbirds go. Silly little birds!
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    That's a good idea. It is 92 here and I am not up for hot coffee, but iced might hit the spot.

    When I did the running belly flop on the barn floor I was more upset that I had so much work to do than I was about writhing around on the barn floor in pain. I still did the spring chores, just slower and more vocally. 'ow, ouch, shoot. MAN! ow. darn it, ow,"

    .. and I caught myself about to run for the phone, like- four times. So don't slip up again.
    I am glad you did not fracture anything. We were both lucky.

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    Yeah, we have a few here.
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    let me know what you think of the bear story I added to my post [​IMG]
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    Yep, in lots of Alaskan towns it is illegal to have bird feeders out in bear season.
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    Oh yeah, I also beat the heck out of any neighbors that leave out trash.

    I still have bite sized children, don't want bears learning to walk up to houses.

    I once had a bear maul the back of my car....I had left the trash in the car overnight, then done the dump run. There was no trash left in the car, but it was still stinky., the bear tried to pry the car open. He just managed to pull off the license plate and mess up the back a bit.

    Luckily my house only gets black bears, not brown bears.
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    yep. we're in their nesting territory. It's neat to sit on the porch swing and watch them.
    They can really be vicious tiny critters when they are defending their turf!
    They will even squeek at me if the feeder goes empty!
    They like to sit on the clothsline I have up under the porch roof when it's raining.
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    fortunately the ones (neighbors) within close range of us aren't that stupid. Just these "migrating" residents don't realize bears are walking garbage cans and will basically eat anything and actually like our fancy bird foods..
    We only have the blacks too of course. [​IMG]

    I wish they could make birdfeeders illegal here too but you can't get anything thru that might upset the tourists or "snowbirds" (the retirees that live in Florida in the winter but have summer homes up here around the lakes).
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    Pretty! I'll bet; I had to wear something kind of like that when I was in AFJROTC in high school. Yeah. =)

    Oh, I see. =) I know what you mean. (I don't bother with a watermark; my photography is so bad I can't imagine anyone wanting to steal my "work". lol)

    I like the floating raft duck house idea!!! [​IMG]
    Wood floats!!! Maybe you could build your own floating raft duck house??? [​IMG]

    Oh, no!!! What brought that on???

    Yeah, or at least dogs that will ignore your chickens but not the bears!!! [​IMG]

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