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    :lau :lau
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    Totally rocking news! :woot

    Not so bad as to structure loss either. :D

    -quote from the fire people-

    All remaining evacuation advisories have been lifted for areas near the fire.

    Cooler, damper weather moderated fire activity on Tuesday which allowed firefighters to switch from defense to offence for the first time since the Funny River Fire started nine days ago. Crews reinforced the containment lines on the west side of the fire in the Kasilof and Sterling Highway areas, and in the Funny River Road area. Progress was made with containment line on the north side of Torpedo Lake on the north side of the Kenai River. Overall fire containment is now 30 percent, with 713 firefighters working to keep the fire away from populated areas.

    The evacuation order along the Funny River Road was cancelled yesterday and most residents returned to their homes. All remaining evacuation advisories have been lifted. The Lower Skilak Lake Campground remains closed until further notice.

    Five structures were confirmed as lost to the fire. The owners were notified by the Kenai Peninsula Borough. These structures include one outbuilding (the main structure was saved), and four recreation cabins with limited access.

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    I think that's true for a lot of BYCers.
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    I think we are near the northern edge of their range. MACONGA is about it. Both the Ocmulgee and the Flint rivers have quite a few alligators around here. The flood forced all kinds of Wildlife out of the swamps.
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    X2 Glad it is finally better! Think about you every time it's on the news!
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    Thanks, I greatly appreciate the well wishes!

    The rain has helped oodles, so thanks for sending that up my way! :ya

    It looks like the rain is gonna hang with us for a few more days, which means that my panic meter is now calming down.

    The spruces as torches gives me willies.
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    Today I had one of the SLW s escape! I was out dumping dried leaves I stored over winter into the junior pens and I turned around to see her on the wrong side of the wire! She found 6 inches where I missed a washer and a screw! Glad I was there and she found it not some predator trying to get in! Whew that was close.
    Ok so I have an 2 EE's in this bunch. One is a roo! AND he has already been trying to mount the other one??? What in the world? I didn't know roos would try so early on![​IMG]
    Also today I spent 2 hours redoing the roosts for them as they were all pretty crowded on the roost that was good 2 weeks ago. It's now got 3x more room. You'd think they'd spread out a little, right? Not! They were all crowded into one little section in the corner![​IMG]

    @pollitos Here are the buffs chilling with the gang!


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    1. Ooooh! Sweet coop! Looks actually well built and study! (Verses my slap it together job ;) )

    2. Poor hen! I had some like that this past winter, and then even though the rooster died, all the rest of the flock decided that the feathers growing in looked delicious! I now have a bunch of clothes wearing chickens! :rolleyes:

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