Six black widow spiders for a snack.


9 Years
Feb 24, 2010
On Sunday, we were cleaning out a corner in the yard. I had piled some river stones there for a future project some years ago and leaves and stuff had blown in. I'd remove one stone at a time and our little blue leghorn, Stormy, would jump in after every stone and rake out the leaves. Stormy is our smallest and most greedy chicken. It was not something for the faint of heart. You could see their black-shiny legs squirm out of the sides of her beak as she chomped down on them. We counted six but she was so ferocious that there could have been more. Numerous other spiders and crickets met there demise as well. Our other chickens would stop by to see what the commotion was about, but would move on. I'm glad to report that Stormy is alive and fine today. My wife is so creeped-out!
I swear, it's a black widow FACTORY around my place. I was so delighted - and a little bit worried - to discover my flock snatches those up without flicking a feather about it.

Meanwhile, I'm hopping from foot to foot trying to get OFF the ground and away from those nasty fat demon spiders as quickly as I can. It creeps ME out, too.
Stormy will be worth her weight for spider eating.

My Sweet Amelia is always at my side when pulling weeds or moving debris. Like your Stormy she is a great bug eater.
My chickenarium is an ancient playhouse on the edge of the forest. When we first converted it, there were more spiders than you could shake a stick at.
Now my girls have gotten a taste for bugs, there isn't a spider left inside!
Or any other bug for that matter!!!
Way to go pest control experts!!!

Brightest Blessings
Oh I need to fence my whole acreage and let the girls go to town on those little beasties! We have LOADS of them here...and they creep me out too. They must get the ones in their acre, but I want em all gone!!!
Aren't chickens great? Eat bugs, lay breakfast, poop fertilizer, entertain people!! Life is better with chickens.

Mine ate baby snakes for me when I was moving stuff around to plant my garden last spring. I swear I fell in love with chickens all over again that day!
I also tipped over the crossties that border my garden so they could get the bugs from under them too. My older hens follow me around the yard hoping I'll roll a log over or something....the youngsters haven't exactly caught on yet
Without chickens man/woman would have never stood upright to evolve what we've become today.

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