Six chickens, five eggs


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Apr 23, 2011
Every day, I get 5 eggs from my 6 chickens. I also have one hen who spends ALL of her time in the nest, whether there are eggs underneath of her or not.

I suspect she is the one who isn't laying.

When I let the girls out to run around the yard, I have to remove her from the nest box. Sometimes she joins the others, sometimes she returns to the nest.

So, is that a problem? Should I be doing something different?

It's not like I need the extra egg, I just want to make sure she's OK.

(They are fed adequately, always have water available, roam freely much of the day and appear healthy, as far as I can tell.)
Yes! Exactly.

My daughter doesn't like collecting the eggs from underneath of her. I just pick her up and grab them, but she still wants to sit there.
She wants to be a mama! I'd give her some fertile eggs and let her sit. If you don't want to let her hatch any, do a search on here for how to break broodiness.
Thanks, looking into that now. I do not need any more chicks, that's for sure!

I'll give some of the other suggestions a try.

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