Six-week old Eggs Still Viable? *Photos Added*


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Jan 4, 2009
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Apparently so! lol!

I had "hidden" some Langshan eggs so that my brother and my dad would not put them in the fridge or eat them. So I hid them. Apparently I hid them too well and I couldn't even find them. After looking everywhere, I found them...much to my dismay, several were weeping disgusting juices. I threw those out ASAP. Can we say "ASPLOSION!!!"

I decided to keep the eggs that weren't sitting in their own soup and smelled them. Smelled gross, but I figured it was just the soupiness of the eggs next to them. I put the 4 remaining eggs into the incubator and am waiting.

Guess what! I have veins in 4 eggs...go figure!
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Especially considering how I found them...

I debated throwing the whole bunch out but decided "what the heck"...

I do wonder if the eggs will hatch, or if they will start and die?
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Crap. I lost count of the days.

One egg is still viable and one seems like it's still viable, but isn't as advanced as the other in growth.

I can't remember how long it's been since I put them in there! The original post was made Sept. 27, which means I must have had them in the incubator for at least 3-5 days before posting.

Can someone help me with the math?

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