size of chicks in teeny bator?

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    I have a question. I've got one of those teeny tiny bators that fit 3 eggs in them, and I have 3 eggs! They are due to hatch around the 22, as I put them in @ 5:30 p.m. on the 1st. Just candled them before turning, and we see lots of movement. when they start to hatch, it doesn't look like there will be much room for them all. How should I handle this when the time comes, I'm hoping for all 3 to do well. Got some advice, please send it my way, thanks all.
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    What kind of teeny bator? I have the little Rcom one and they do just fine in there. I leave them like the directions say for 24 hrs after they have all hatched so they can dry off. After they are all hatched out of the shells I open the little bator up and pick out the bigger bits of egg shell. They are fine up to 3 days. If you have the Rcom model see if you can get the hatching mats ($4) before they hatch out. You put these in a little plastic tray under the eggs on day -3 (day 18 is -3 days to hatch on the Rcom touchpad) and they provide a better surface for the chicks to walk on. If you can't get hold of them you might line the little slick plastic hatching tray with a piece of felt (what the hatching mats actually are) or maybe that nonstick rubber shelfliner or a small bit of towling.

    On day 18 turning stops and after that you don't want to open the incubator again and mess around removing chicks or anything until after they have all hatched to avoid drying out the membranes which enclose them. That can make hatching harder for them and you could even kill them. They get kind of shrink wrapped if that membrane dries out.
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    Or is it the teeny bator that is like 20 dollars? I heard the humidity is hard to raise in those, and you need to raise it the last three days.
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    yes, it is one of those little bitty ones. So far, so good though. I just don't see how the chicks will all fit. As it is, its a tight squeeze for the 3 eggs right now. How long did you say they stay in there before removing them to a brooder? This is really getting exciting!! My 10 year old daughter is thrilled to. This is the first time for me, can you tell? [​IMG]

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