size of door for the hens

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    hi i m in process of building my coop am i have two unknowns
    the coop will be home to 6 standard hens 4 BR 2 RIR
    1 size of the chicken door and how much of a ramp can they climb what angle 30 or 45 deg?
    2 nesting box size i am planing on 2 boxxes.. around 11 wide x 16 deep x 16 tall is this ok? too big too small or should i add more

    with any luck i'll post some pics today

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    Apr 16, 2007
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    Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens (by Gail Damerow) suggests a 10" wide by 13" tall chicken door and 14" wide by by 14" high by 12" deep for heavy breeds.

    Our gangplanks/ramps are set at varying are some pix to give you a general idea...


    Changed the ramp to a ladder style which they seem to like much better...




    Hope this is some help!


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