size of new chicks feet, so tiny


10 Years
Jan 8, 2010
boerne, tx
my hatch of olive egger chicks 3 days ago, got me three chicks and one has very small feet compaired to its size and the size of the other 2 chicks that hatched. has any one else had this and did the chick do ok. this chick has had a bit of a rough start. first it was shrink wrapped and needed assistance out then its feet where all pinched looking and it needed shoes and it was weak and spent a day in a coffee cup with hobbles on as well as the chick shoes. its doing much better will stand on its own and is walking now but i think the main reason its having so much trouble with the walking is because its balance is messed up because it feet are small. here is a pick of it next the one of its hatch mates.

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