Size of peacock eggs vs. chicken egg turner

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by lorad, Mar 20, 2010.

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    Mar 9, 2010
    Edelstein, IL
    I'm going to try to incubate some peafowl eggs this spring (May probably) and was wondering if I will be able to use my chicken sized automatic egg turner (Hovabator). Last spring, it held turkey eggs just fine, and of course guinea egg fit fine also. I cringe to ask this, but other than incubation for 28 days at 99.25F-99.5F and humidity approx 50% like chicken eggs, is there anything special? I plan to hatch some guineas in my other incubator so I have some keets to put in with any peachicks to help them along. The turkey chicks last year needed "friends" to help them figure out how to eat and drink. (Poor guinea when the turkeys went to the freezer- she had a hard time assimilating into the guinea group of 4) I plan to brood them in a stock tank with a heat lamp until they out-grow it or jump out... Feed-20% turkey/broiler starter and once they outgrow that, to a pen by themselves away from my chickens. I've raised chickens, guineas, and a couple of turkeys last year, so very new to peafowl.... My husband was intrigued with a pair we "babysat" for a few days after they were trapped out of a residential neighborhood. He was disappointed when their owners reclaimed them. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated....
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    Jan 16, 2010
    Peafowl eggs and chicks are kinda like Turkeys, the eggs are about the same size maybe a little bigger but not much and the chicks are hard to get started but when you do its easy going the hardest part is to get them to hatch.

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    Yes about the same as turkey, if you hatched and raised turkey. You should do fine, do the same. Myself I raise both the same ,keep them on wire floors for first two month, feed a high % medicated turkey starter.

    Eggs size ,some same as turkey. some a little larger.

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