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Size of wire under 2 month old chicks

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by stephanier029, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Folks, we've set up a dog run with using two panels on the bottom and elevating the whole structure. We are using this to house the chicks the first 2 months that we have them ( arriving Sept 1). They are supposed to be 2 months old when they come to us. My question after reading everything I can get my 'hands' on - I'd like to use 1/2" vinyl coated wire to keep them from falling thru but I don't know if it's sufficient for the babies. We are constructing a 'star building as their hutch eventually adding the run as a flight cage. Can I get some input, please?
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  2. sourland

    sourland Broody Magician Premium Member

    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    Half inch may be just a bit too large. What breed are you getting. If coons can get under the pen, they will kill even through hardware cloth.
  3. Purple, I wasn't sure and I wanted coated wire but I can't find coated 1/4". But I want to be safe. I have the heavy plastic pallets under it with the two panels on top of that wired to the run. wasnt sure if I should run chicken wire 1/2 way up or all the way. They will be next to the huskies and they take out raccoon on a regular basis in the spring. The raccoons seem to stay away until the next spring. Same with the opossum. That's what I want to be sure to use the right size of wire. Thanks
  4. EyeKeyYou

    EyeKeyYou Chirping

    Jul 7, 2012
    1/2" and 1/2 way up should be fine. They are pretty big at 2 months old. Sometimes they get their toes caught in 1/4" if they are not used to walking on it.
  5. barkerg

    barkerg Songster

    Jun 28, 2015
    Salado, Texas
    Sourland is correct, coons will pick a bird clean through 1/2" wire.

    Gerald Barker
  6. EyeKeyYou

    EyeKeyYou Chirping

    Jul 7, 2012
    I guess the question is how much do you trust your huskies. If you don't get some dog proof traps and be willing to deal with the coons they get. A coon will figure things out if given enough time so dogs, electric fence, or traps all have worked for me. Even in a large ground pen they will stick their hand through chicken wire sized holes and wait for one to walk past. Putting 1/4" wire on bottom will do nothing if sides are 1".

  8. I have the new hard plastic pallets under the chick enclosure. That way nothing can get under it but I can clean any poop out easily.

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