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Here is my splash silkies, 2 look to be a self blue color am I that lucky)
sizzle, and SIzzle. I also have a black silkie hen and roo with walnut combs, dark skin and 5toes that are not pictured, got dark on me. Help me who should go with who, I'd like to get some good sizzles goin along with silkies

Sizzle hen, 5 toes, dark skin, single dark comb



Silke 1
5 toes, dark skin single dark comb, hen/roo???

silkie 2
5 toes, dark skin, single dark comb, hen/roo??

silkie 3
5 toes dark skin, rose comb, hen/roo??

silkie 4
5 toes, dark skin, single comb, hen/roo??

sizzle hen 1
5 toes, dark skin, single dark comb

sizzle hen 2
5 toes, dark skin, rose comb

and the sizzle roo
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her foot Feathering and toe spacing is great! You can kinda see the smooth sizzle roo behind her but not the best pic. I'll try and get some pics of my roos up. Let me go look I may have a few on here
since she is a frizzle silkie I would use a silkie roo. personally I would use the splash, because she is blue. that way you would get splash and blue babies. she is lovely.
Don't use that smooth--the off-colour hackles will mess her colour up big time. I know you need to build the house first, but you do need to consider it.

How are her toes and comb? I guess given your choices, I would probably mate her to the silkie with the best type, comb & toes who also has clean colouring. You will probably get some frizzled silkie babies, unless she is far enough along that you have removed the silkie gene (which of course is the goal).

You could also try to find a smooth boy for her with clear hackles.
That was my thoughts about him too, I was so hopeing he was goin to be solid blue like my 2 smooth hens but no all that coloring started to come in..UGH!! As far as around here its goin to be hard for me to find any sizzles very few people are into them or even know what they are.
Me and Camelot farms are in the same boat she has a solid black sizzle that came from the same person. I drove 4 almost 5 hours to get them.
I have my Sizzle hen, 2 sizzle hens, 4 splash silkies unsure of what they are yet and the sizzle roo with the silver feathers that I kept out of the ones we got. Their all together thats why hes in that picture, I still have them together until I figure out whos goin with what and get my pens situated. Think I'll post some pics of all and see what everyone thinks as far as her new boyfriend. about my only choices are my black silkie roo, and the splash if their is any roo and I'm also not sure about their combs. Their toe spacing and skin color is good but not sure on the combs.
Hey is my sizzle. She has a single comb

But I have another sizzle that has walnut comb.

My splash silky roo has a single comb too.

Looks like we just have some pets on our hands here. lol

arrrgh--I find it very difficult to go back and re-read verything rather than have updated photos.

The sizzle roo appears to be a true birchen (although he may be het on the silver gene--need someone else to check that out. Anyways...if you want to breed birchen, brown red or lemon blue, then use him. If he was merely undermelanized with colour in hte hackle, I would stand by my original posting to avoid using him.

I don't see single combs on at least some that you say are. Silkies 1 & 4 appear to have gold leaking through, so you might use them with the birchen; unfortunately, no frizzling going on. Or you could pair them with your frizzle.

If either silkie 1 or 3 is male (too young to tell, IMO), you can try pairing with your SIzzle. Didn't you say you have a black silkie cock? That still might be your best bet.
I'd like to keep the solid color of my hen if at all possible. So my last resort would be using him. However I wouldn't need to worry as bad about single combs and silkie feathers that way. hmmm??

the silkies that I said have single combs have teeny tiny dark single combs under all the fluff I'm pretty sure all but one had single combs, I was tryin to catch, take pictures and keep up with who I had already taken pictures of and remember everything about them on memory, didn't write it down as I went.

Also what should I put my smooth sizzles with? as far as frizzle roo's I only have a white, I do however have some younger chicks that I hatched from someone elses sizzle project and I'm pretty sure I have one roo with frizzle feathers but he has none of the silkie characteristics.
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