Sizzle cockerels and bantam Easter egger cockerels

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    Jan 23, 2011
    I have two Sizzle cockerels free to a good home. I love sizzles! They are such sweet gentle birds. Sizzles are a breed in development derived from Frizzled Cochin/ Silkie crosses. They have all the characteristics of a Silkie but with barbed feathers, not Silkie Feathers. I like them more than Silkies! You can read all about them and see pitures here:

    The first pictured is "Junior", nice smooth feathered Sizzle, all five toes, excellent calm and friendly personality. Junior is cuddly and enjoys being handled. I'm not sure what you'd call his color, but as a chick he looked like partridge. The second is a solid black, no red leakage, all five toes, but a straight comb. These are both very fluffy soft birds with nice foot feathering.

    First EE is "Spirit". He is a bantam Easter egger cockerel and a very pretty boy. His color is hard to describe, but as you can see in the pictures he is quite attractive looking. He looks to be some sort of splash since he has both black and blue on him. He is not at all aggressive. He is however a little skittish about being picked up and petted. I've been working with him on this and trying to get him used to being handled.

    The second EE is "B.H.". He is a bantam Easter egger rooster (with a straight comb). He is a striking rich mahogany and black color. "B.H." is a docile friendly rooster with a goofy personality. He is sweet natured and attentive with the hens. "B.H." rather enjoys being picked up and cuddled. He's a friendly boy. My Easter eggers are NOT hatchery birds. Most of my EE are based on wheaton and they throw some awesome colors.

    I am willing to ship as long as buyer pays for shipping box and shipping fee.
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