Sizzle people - need an opinon


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
Here is my little gal/guy that I am in
with. S/he is so soft I could sleep on her. S/he hatched March 31 - do you all think she has potential to go forward with creating a sizzle? What should my next step be? AND last but not least do you think I have a boy or girl?


Looks like my Aris... and yes they're very soft. I kept Aris to work with because frankly I only have two pullets, so I'm desperate. My other actually has a nice topknot, Aris not so much.

What other features has yours got, foot feathering photos help, so does one so you can see the whole bottom of the foot. Both feet five toed? Both feet and all toes black?

I think pullet but I am NOT the expert wait for one of the older silkie people or one of the experienced Sizzle people to help you decide.
I will get a picture but yes good toes and seperation from what I can tell. But I'm definately no expert. I'll have my 15 yr old wrangle her up again and take pictures of her feet and legs. Heck she has been doing it all day. I gave away some roosters on craigslist and she had to go catch them
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That foot is perfect! While vulture hocks are supposed to be a DQ, I've only ever seen one judge notice them at all.

Too young to be absolutely certain of gendedr, but at the moment, looks pulletish.
My roo has a mutated 6th toenail on each foot but he mostly throws feet like this so for now I won't get rid of him. Besides he is a perfect gentleman with ladies and chicks alike.

I thought the feet looked pretty good after reading all the recent posts about toe seperation and the back toenail supposed to be turned back.
A sizzle is a bird with frizzled, non silkied feathers otherwise conforming to the silkie standard, with the same faults and DQs. A frizzled silkie is a bird with frizzled and silkied feathers.

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