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  1. orpingtonbuff

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    Sep 27, 2010
    I have a 22 week orpington that appeared with a wet area on her back, between her wings. On inspection, her skin in this area was raw and red and wet, like the skin under a scab that came off prematurely. We isolated her and applied neosporin. She doesn't have any other symptoms and is eating OK. Her feathers have dryed out and it is now only evident if you pull back the feathers to look at the skin. Any idea what this is and can I return her to the others? [​IMG]
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    I have no idea - sorry [​IMG]

    What does it look like today? Picture - you can upload to BYC and post (follow the instructions in the uploads link, top blue bar).

    How many others is/was she in with? Cockerels/roos? Free range? Any dogs around who could have caught her? Other predators ( birds, coons?)

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    Between her wings like in the middle of her back? Is she with roosters? Hawks in the area? Assuming it is a wound of some kind and she is eating and drinking, keeping it clean and using neosporin should help. I'm always amazed how quickly these girls heal.

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