Skin disorder or other chicks pecking

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    20190722_091518.jpg 20190722_091438.jpg 20190722_091518.jpg 20190722_091438.jpg Bobochick here again. I noticed this morning that one of my little ones has sores & is missing feathers. They are 4 weeks old today. I received 4 extra chicks from the nursery & they all lived, so it was getting a little crowded in the brooder. They may have been a little bored & were pecking at her, but she is the only one out of 20 that has this. Since it is so warm here, we moved them to the chicken coop yesterday. I've looked at lots of pics of mites & lice, but it doesn't look like any of them. Can anyone tell from these pics what it is?
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    It appears to be pecking. In this instance I would apply Blu Kote to hopefully stop the practice - it can become cannibalism. The move to more space may help.
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