Skin irritation or normal molting?


6 Years
Aug 14, 2013
Last week it looked like my RIR had broken a couple of feathers. Being new with chickens and reading that molting season was here I didn't think too much about it. Earlier this week I was giving a once over and noticed it was getting an irritation like redness to it. Should I be worried or does this look okay?
I'd say it's highly unlikely that it's molting. Molting should start at the head / neck area and sort of work its way down. Just offhand, I'd guess it might be rooster damage, not even knowing whether you have one. Or she could have bumped up against something sharp or rough and injured herself, something like that. It may heal up fine without treatment. You could put a dab of Neosporin on it, or spray with BluKote if you have some. Missing feathers usually don't grow back until the next molt.
Thank you very much. We do have a new rooste who we brought in a couple of weeks ago and he's only about 5 months old. It just looks so irritated and painful, wanted to be sure. She's the sweetest one of the flock and everybody, mainly my 12 yr old son, would go through a hard mourning period. The links were extremely informative!

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