skin off his back!

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    Jul 17, 2011
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    Several days ago, two of my guineas refused to go in the coop, so I had no choice but to let them sleep in the run, which is not all that secure (chain link fence). Obviously one of the foolish guineas slept next to the fence or something, and in the morning, it had a bunch of feathers missing out of his back, and it was bloody. I sprayed Vetericyn on it, and separated him from the other guineas during the day, since they were pecking him horribly. I send the other guineas out every morning, then close the run so he can be alone during the day, then let the others in in the evening so they don't get too much of a chance to peck him.
    Well, since I had someone to help me catch him today, we decided to catch him and put that blue minty paste on him to try to keep the others from pecking him. To our horror, we realized that his back wasn't merely gashed, he's actually missing a pretty big swath of skin from his back and even along the sides.
    What do I do??? Is the skin going to be able to grow back?

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