Skin torn open, hen beaten by rooster

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    Nov 8, 2008
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    I am a first time mom. My girls are 9 weeks old, so I brought home a 4 month old Roo. We left him caged, and put inside the coop at night still caged, let him loose in the morning. I watched closely, things were ok for 2 days. Wed my husband caught him beating up one of my W/leghorns. I wasn't surpised as she was one of the "boss ladies". There was little injury.
    Today I looked out the window and saw my Buff orp, a cloud of feathers and the roo dashing out the side coop door. I ran to window pounding and screaming to see him corner her in the run and proceed to stomp and peck her. I ran for the door and as I scramble for the latch on the run he is repeatedly winding up to stomp and peck her, one foot on her at all times. IT WAS HORRIFIC!! LIKE SLOOOWW MOTION! I had to kick him off! I scooped her up and brought her in the house.

    She was bleeding on the head, turned out minor. But her back/shoulder/wing area was an open wound! It is where the loose skin area is that allows the wing its range of motion.There was little blood to speak of but I can see the muscle. I found a chunk of feathers w/skin that was ripped out. I am unsure what to do for her?
    The nasty roo landed himself in solitary:rant not sure what to do with him yet!!

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    That is horrible!
    Id say that roo has to go away, but I dont know what else to tell you, Im sure someone here will.
    Take care of the girl and I hope she will be ok.
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    Goodness!! Poor thing! Well, the first thing I'd do is separate her in her own cage--chickens will peck at others open wounds or scabs. I clean the wound with hot water and I LOVE straight up Neosporin--I lather that on really good where the wound is. I apply at least 2x a day. I have also given my wounded birds infant Tylenol(you can use off brand). It seems to calm them and help with the pain--some people don't think Tylenol's a good idea, but I have never had a bird die from it and have only had success cases! Keep her in a nice warm cage with access to food and water. I have made scrambled eggs and rice and feed it to them lightly warm as well...if the area is split really bad, you may want to clean, apply major neosporin and then wrap the wound, but I usually leave the wound open to get air--helps it to heal faster as well! Good luck!
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    The chicken world is a cold cruel place to us humans.

    You are seeing the pecking order being established and the rooster making sure those pullets know he is the King of the Coop. It is something that you may not like to see but it is natural in their world.

    Separate the injured hen out. The others will pick her until they begin to eat her alive. They are drawn to blood.

    If I am reading you correctly you did not keep that rooster completely apart from your pullets for 30+ days?

    Over the next 8 weeks watch them for signs of illness or disease. If anyone gets sick or you find a fatality in the coop you can be sure it came from the new cockeral.
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    mildolmom wrote: My girls are 9 weeks old, so I brought home a 4 month old Roo.

    MissPrissy is right about the pecking order and the need for quarantine, but I'd also add that if there's going to be a disparity in ages, it ought to work the other way around and happen at a later point.

    Cockerels mature sexually before pullets do, and so putting a 16 week old male (a "teenager" with raging hormones) in with 9 week old baby girls is asking for some serious trouble. The pullets need to be more mature, about 20-24 weeks old, for you to introduce a male.​
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    Thanks for all the advice. The injury on her shoulder cannot be seen without lifting her feathers so will the others still peck?

    I previously posted to inquire about introducing the roo to the flock. No one that replied had made the risks quite as clear. I wish I had not brought him home, I will worry for 8 weeks!!

    I really want to keep the roo, he is a BEAUTIFUL brown leghorn ( one was supposed to ship with my pullets ). I have a hen I had planned to mate in the future. We will cover the rabbit run, which is next to the chicken run and he can see the girls as much as he wants with no escape.

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