Skinny chick?


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May 16, 2020
Hello everyone!

The last week has gone really well with all my chicks. If you have followed my other posts, you know I’ve had pasty butt and temp problems. I thought all was going well until today... I noticed that my white Plymouth Rock (who has grown twice as fast as the others) is looking a bit skinny. I’m not sure if I should be concerned. She eats, drinks, and acts a bit psychotic but otherwise seems fine. She is the largest chick of the group but looks skinny and you can feel her bones more so than the others. I’m not sure if there is a problem, she gets vitamins on a regular basis and I give them all egg yolk for nutrients. I might be overthinking, so I would love for someone to let me know if I’m being to paranoid.

Y’all have been amazing so far and I’m pretty sure I would have lost my mind without all your help.

Picture attached of my friend holding the chick for me. It’s not super helpful (she is the hardest to catch)


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Nov 30, 2018
Lakeside, OR
She looks fine to me and her crop appears full. As long as she is eating and drinking and pooping as she should, I'm betting she's fine.

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