Skinny Chicken hunched over with poopy butt

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    My chicken (a Easter Egger) has not been looking good. She is hunched over with all her feathers poofed out and she just stands in one spot and sleeps. She also has been having diarrhea and has a poopy butt with dry poop stuck on her feathers an that have clumped up together. She looks quite skinny and she hasn't been eating and drinking much. Normally I find her in the coop after all the hens have already gone out and she smells absolutely horrible. If you have any clue as to what is wrong with her or what we can so please tell us! We love her very much and are worried sick about her [​IMG]
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    Hi[​IMG] Welcome To BYC @MikoGizaimas

    If she has a bad odor and lots of dried poop on her, you will need to try to clean her up to see what's going on.

    Place her in a warm tub of soapy water and let her soak for a while. This will hopefully help dissolve some of the dried poop. Work the soapy water into the feathers on the bum and try to get her clean. For feathers that are clumped badly and won't come clean - you can carefully cut the poop out.

    Getting her clean will allow you to see if she has any wounds, injury or prolapse that need to be addressed.

    You haven't posted where you are located, so if you are in a cold climate - dry her very well - keep her inside for a while - that would be best.

    Add some poultry vitamins to her water and make sure she is drinking well - then offer her some of her normal feed.

    Keep us posted.
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