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    i picked up my one year old hen today and i can feel hur breast bone, shes usully filled out and cant feel it at all, the other chickens r nice and fat, but shes not, theres always food in front of my birds, get treats daily. shes eating and drinking as normal, dropping are solid like normal. wht could be wrong? shes not acting sick at all, acts healthy and is very lively.
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    ooooooooh Stephanie,

    is this the same one from your other post that hasn't laid eggs yet? I think that there is something wrong if so. Any chance for a trip to have the chicken looked at by a vet?

    I guess take into consideration that some hens will always feel small and skinney, if they are purely layers, and if the ones you are comparing her with are 'dual purpose' birds then they will definitely be plumper just by the nature of they way their genetics are programmed.
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    differnt chicken.. lol i try not to post the same thing on the same form unless im asked to, and no havent tryed a vet, i didnt know people take them to vets. and the chicken who hasnt layed is fat, all my chickens are healthy, so idk whats wrong
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    the skinny one is a california grey the one that hasnt layed is a EE mix
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    My smallest and lightest weight one gets moved aside by the bigger more aggressive one. She is lowest in the pecking order, and sometimes they get all the good stuff before she gets a chance at it. If you are sure that she has adequate time to get enough feed, and she has no parasites....then maybe she is just always going to be smaller stature. You did say that she is active and healthy, lively and always has feed...

    Probably she is just fine.

    Isn't a California Gray a mix of white leghorn and Plymouth Rock? Maybe she is just taking after the leghorn side of the family. ;O)
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  6. stephanie1992

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    i guess that could be a possibility, never thought of that before, thank u
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    Oct 16, 2009
    I have one or two skinny chickens who are otherwise completely fine.

    Some chickens are just naturally thin like some folk.

    if you have excluded worms, have ensured that she is able to get to the food (i.e the dominant chooks aren't preventing her) and she is eating/pooping etc., sometimes it is better not to be too concerned.

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