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    Sep 6, 2007
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    I've had them for 1-7 years. A few are good weight, but I"m always thinking they are thin. They have free choice feed, treats, they are wormed and dusted. By thin I mean I can feel the breast bone more than I like but can't pinch it. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing. Maybe chickens don't all look like oven stuffer roasters. I'd still like more heft to them. What can I do?
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    they become a bit more 'gaunt' as they get older, that being said extra food, high protein stuff and high carbs works well, maybe some meat scraps or a slice of dog roll ( mine love dog roll) . Personally I use wild bird seed as an extra and it works well and gives them something to do at the same time. I run with the idea that fat hens are happy hens ( not obease or overly fat but more boardering on 'chubby' and 'cuddly' ) and I free feed, and they get the kitchen scraps, vegetables and fruits ( friend get free supermarket pig food scraps and shares a bucket) and then they either get a thick slice of dog roll or a half cup of bird seed or some other goody that I can get my hands on.

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