Skinny hen


8 Years
Aug 1, 2011
I'm not sure where to post this so, if this isn't the place please tell me. One of my hens is kind of skinny. The rest all are plump, she eats everything the rest do. She seems perfectly healthy other than the fact she's skinny. She eats just as much as the others do. Could this be worms? She is laying about every day.
Are they all the same breed? Telling the type of chickens you have would help us to help you. I have a welsummer who is skinny but healthy and laying well. She looked average in a flock of welsummers but she really looks petite with BO's and Rocks.

Is she loosing weight or has she always looked skinny? Can you weigh her?
If you look in my signature you can see the breeds. She's Maizie. It seems like she's lost weight. I don't think we have a scale.
I don't really know much about your breeds, especially ISA browns; the one thread I have read indicated they have some problems with great but short lived production. Maybe someone else can help you.
One of mine lost a percentage of feathers in her molt and looked skinny. You could see some patches around her neck gone but the other areas were just "flattened out". Now that her feathers have come back she look normal. Have you seen more feathers than normal around?

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