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    What kind of rabbit food are you feeding? Can you check the protein level on it? What kind of rabbit is Maddy and is she eating/drinking/pooping normally? If her feeder is always full it can be hard to measure how much she is eating. I'd check the feed first (how old is it, is it a different kind?) Next check her water bottle to be sure its working right.

    Does she feel slightly out of condition or OMG! kinda boney?

    What sort of cage do you have her in? I'd check her feet for sore hocks, check her teeth too.

    If she's feeling spiney and kinda potty around the belly, thats usually a sign of Coccidia, you can pick up meds for her at the feed store, Sulmet, Corrid or Albon all treat Coccidia.
    (I use Baycox, but thats kinda pricey if you just have the one rabbit!)

    You could always run a fecal over to the vet to be sure she doesn't have worms, you might need to call around to find one who will do it, vets around me charge about 20 bucks for a fecal and then you aren't treating blindly.
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    Mouth issues, parasites, cancer, intestinal blockage, kidney disease, infection, old age...weight loss can be caused by so many different things. More specific info would be helpful. [​IMG]
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