Skipped their annual molt


Aug 27, 2020
Southern Illinois
Some birds molt hard. Once I had a leghorn that molted seemingly like overnight, it looked like something had been killed in the coop, white feathers every where - she was nearly naked - feathers grew back record time.

This year, I have some old white bird...the only white bird, and every day there are more white feathers - but she does not seem to have any bald spots, She HAS to have some gone somewhere - but slowly new feathers are showing up. It has been going on for weeks.

They all molt differently, I am just glad when they are done.

Mrs K
True, I've just never had birds completely skip a molt (or pause in a molt for an entire year).
Now I know this can be normal in one year old birds, maybe more so in high production birds like my sex links.

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