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    Hi, everyone! I'd like to tell everyone the story of my favorite rooster, Skip, and how he won my heart.


    Skip's Story

    Chapter 1

    Skip was a light sussex rooster. He lived with his older brother, who dominated their little flock. It was just him, four hens, and Skip. There was another flock living in the same shed, but the two flocks didn't mingle much. The four chicks skipped between the two flocks, not really caring who they chilled with, and sometimes they just chilled by themselves.

    Skip was happy, but he wished he could be like his brother. His brother was everything, handsome, dominant, and he had the ladies. But Skip's brother was mean. He was noisy and annoying. Skip just had to deal with him.

    One day, a strange person came a long and put him, his brother's three ladies and the four chicks into crates. They were put in the back of a truck and driven along a strange road. Skip's brother's four hens were scared, but Skip had no idea how to comfort them. His brother had never let him near his ladies.

    After a long car ride, Skip and his companions were let out in a strange coop. It was roomier than their last coop, but there were strange chickens in it. Two strange chickens, both hens. They were young, like the four chicks, but much larger. As Skip peered cautiously out of the crate, he saw the two hens looking terrified at their coop being infiltrated. Maybe they would be more confident with a rooster to guard them, Skip thought, so he held his head high and strutted out of the crate.

    The two brown hens took one look at him and retreated to a dark corner.

    There was a warm heat lamp glowing, and fresh food and water were laid out. The four hens that had traveled in the crate with Skip flew up to the nestboxes and roosted there for the night. The resident hens looked shaky, scared by all the flying about. They sat in their own nestbox, away from the other hens, but they looked curious. The braver of the two hens, Penny, came forward and did a couple push-ups, trying to get the right foot-holds to fly up to the new hens. Skip took pity on her, and flew up to instruct her. She backed into the corner of the nestbox with the other hen, Matilda, and listened. Skip went into detailed instructions on how to take off correctly. Then he showed her and landed on the nestbox with the new hens.

    Penny hopped forward and took off, landing right beside Skip. Skip clucked a few times and gave her an affectionate nudge, praising her for her bravery. Matilda was to afraid to try, however, so Penny glided back down to join her friend on the lower nestbox.

    Skip looked around at the four hens who had come with him. There was a golden one, fluffy, who went by the name of Chloe. A black one, who was called Raven. A white one, named Flurry. And finally, Speckle, who looked just like her name. The four chicks, three golden and one speckled, sat perched in the nestbox below them. Skip realized something. Without his brother, and with no other roosters, he was leader of this harem. Imagine that!


    Chapter 2 coming up soon!
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    [​IMG] Nice story [​IMG] Whens the 2nd coming?
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    Thanks for the great story and [​IMG] !!!

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