Skunk down!!!

Ken H

10 Years
May 21, 2009
I found a skunk under my coop tonight. It was noseing around and causing the girls to cluck loudly. I went to investigate and saw it illuminated by the almost full moon. I went and got my .22 cal pellet gun and turned on the illuminated feature of my scope. The skunk was leaving the scene by that time but was still a siloette in the scope. Due to bright moon light I was able to get a good sight . One shot to the head and it was skunk history. Luckily, the breeze was moving away from the house. I was going to skin it but in my old age, my stomach is weak. I just put it in a garbage bag and will dispose of it come garbage day. I tan hides normally but I just could'nt take the smell.
Congrats! We got a surprise in our trap yesterday morning - we knew our predator issue had gone beyond the recent rampage of skunks to something more serious - but we were still surprised to find a great big bob cat squeezed into the trap! It was after the chicken we had caught it killing earlier that night, poor chicken was gone, so we put IT in the trap! Kitty wanted the rest of it's dinner. Kitty is gone now. We re-baited the trap with a dead chick it had left behind for some reason...and dont you know, this morning....there's a skunk in the trap!! Skunks, bob cats...there seems to be a plague of predators this year! We are re-structuring the pens/coops to lock everyone up safer, but in the meantime some are still vulnerable. Hope your birds stay safe! Never trust a skunk!

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