Skunk trauma


Jun 29, 2019
We had 2 skunks tear our wire and enter the run and then the hen house, we were able to remove the skunks without spraying. At approximately the same time one of our bard rocks was found dead in the run. Beauty our leghorn is our only layer since we just added young hens. She has not laid since the skunks invaded her space. How long will it be before she starts laying again.
could be until they feel safe again, that is a stressful ordeal they endured, I would more worry about predator proofing your coop set up right now than if your getting egg/s. if they were brazen enough to go in and attack your birds they've been raiding your eggs or feed for a while
We had 2 skunks tear our wire and enter the run and then the hen house
What kind of wire? Pics of damage would be good to see.

we were able to remove the skunks without spraying.
How did you manage that!!??
Sorry you lost a bird, but no spraying is something to be thankful for.

How old is your leghorn, in weeks or months?
Curious too how long it's been since the attack and when she last laid?

Oh, and ....Welcome to BYC @kandlynn ...sorry for your troubles.
Where in this world are you located?
Climate, and time of year, is almost always a factor.
Please add your general geographical location to your profile.
It's easy to do, (laptop version shown), then it's always there!
:welcome :frow I had a issue with skunks a few years ago. We are rural on a dead end road and someone was catching them and releasing them in our area.They were digging up my yard. I put a live trap out and in around two weeks I caught around a dozen skunks. One night I got two skunks in one trap. Another night I went out to check on the chicks because I had forgotten to close their pop door. When I went out there was a skunk attempting to dig under the gate to their pen. Somehow the pop door was closed just enough that some of the chicks couldn't get in. I stomped my feet at the skunk and it turned towards me and stomped it's feet at me. I went into the house and got my rifle and went back out and attempted to scare the skunk off and again it stomped it's feet at me, it seemed persistent. I shot it and put a bucket over it until I could deal with it in the morning.

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