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    Jun 21, 2011
    so 4 nights ago something got into my chicken house and ate 20 chicks that were about 4 weeks old after looking all day i found the spot fixed it and set a live trap. for the last two nights nothing in the live trap and i mean nothing bait gone and all on signs of something tring to get in. tonight about an hour before sundown i went out to close up the windows in the chicken house and all my older chicken were standing in a pack next to the fence as far way from the house as they could get i looked insidethe house and there was a skunk in the house looking for dinner. is this the same from 4 nights ago or do i got a bib problem? (this skunk no longer an issue)
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    Sep 21, 2009
    Standish, Maine
    The skunk could be your problem but I would be certain to run some traps for sometime.

    Where there is one there are likely more.
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    The skunk could be your predator, but I'd put my money on something else being the culprit. I set a trap for raccoons last fall--dug hole, placed bait in hole, trap over hole and cinder block on top of trap. While I never caught a single raccoon (I know they are around, my Samoyed used to tree them regularly), I did catch a lot of skunks in it. Never had the bait just disappear. I will second the vote that if there is 1 skunk around, there are a lot more around.
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    Keep your traps set but play with the trigger and get it as sensitive as possible. Also cover the trigger if it's on the top as some are because a animal will crawl on top trying to reach the bait and set it off also be sure it is anchored well

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