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Feb 13, 2008
Ok, I am at war. As you can tell, I have a skunk problem. Night before last, I went out to barn at 6 to feed and water. All was OK. At 8, I went to tuck everyone in, and it was mass murder. 5 chickens got eaten (my blue spash cochin cockerel, 2 RC Nankin pullets, a Nankin hen and a Brassyback OEG hen
)...while I was out there, assesing the damage and wondering what did it, the skunk came back. Well, he was as bold as brass, didnt care I was there. One quick trip to the house later, he was sorry. Needless to say, he had tuneled under the barn wall, and got into my stall and pens. Well, I got everything patched up, thought I was good. Sets more traps last night, just in case. Well, another came back, got another chicken (rooster, no big loss he was a jerk) but now, I am so mad. So, I sit out and wait tonight.

HA! I got another one last night, and a feral cat (cat will get rabies shot and be released, he is a good mouser and he leaves chickies alone). I am going to keep setting traps, tuna fish works wonders.
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Jan 7, 2008
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We lost 43 birds over the summer to skunk, we got one on Tuesday!! Please PM me and tell me what you do when you have a skunk in a trap??


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Oct 3, 2008
Hi i'm new to the forum. I have had to trap skunks in cages. Once there, it is true it presents a problem. I have had it dealt with two different ways. One is to drag the cage keeping an eye on the skunk so that his tail does not face you, have him shot in the cage in the woods. Then bury. The other is easier. Cover the cage, drive a vehicle up to it and put a hose from the exhaust to the cage under the tarp so that the Carbon Monoxide stays in the cage. Good Luck!


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Jun 25, 2008
Layton, UT
I have trapped and dispatched many skunks without them spraying by slipping a black garbage bag over the trap before setting it. If you use a trap that is open on both ends, just cut the bottom of the bag off so they can enter from either end. Once the skunk is trapped, approach from the side so the bag blocks his view of you and gently slide the bag over the ends of the trap. The first time you pick up a trap by the handle with a live skunk inside may make you a little nervous, but I have never had one spray, because they cannot see what is going on. I dug a hole in my garden 6" longer, deeper and wider than the trap, fill the hole with water, set the trap and skunk in the water and put a cinder block on top of the trap for about 15 minutes. Just make sure the bag stays open on the ends so the water gets in.

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