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~Skyherd~ A wild horse Roleplay

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by chickendiva25, Jul 16, 2011.

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    [​IMG] <------- courtesy of miss heny [​IMG]

    There has been a lot of fighting, and arguing lately. I just need to let you guys know that it's stressful to not only run this thread, but have to apologize for every fight that starts, and deal with it. Please take into consideration the amount of stress I, and everyone else is dealing with, and put your arguing behind. ONE MORE VIOLATION OF THIS RULE, AND YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM OUR THREAD. Though we don't want to, it is our most important rule, and people have been abusing it. Thank you.~ Ducklover179

    Every three days is a month in Skyherd time. (This will help you tell the age of your foal and/or horse.)

    SkyHerd is simply a herd of wild horses that roams the prairie. They occasionally encounter two other herds, WindHerd, and FireHerd. The stallions are fierce and will do anything to protect their mares.

    NOTICE: Here are the times it takes to get to other places on the map from Skyherd:
    Windherd: About two hours
    Fireherd: About an hour
    Shadowherd: About 1 hour 30 minutes
    Rainherd: About two days
    Songherd: About 1 1/2 days
    Road: 20 minutes
    Human Farms: 35 minutes

    There is a new herd, Iceherd, controlled by Dappledsnow.

    Sign up form for Iceherd. Required facts about the horse are marked with this---> *. The ones that are not, Dutchgirl would really, really really prefer if you did fill in, but it is not required.

    *Name of character (must be in warrior format, like in WC, SC, and SF):
    *Age (Foal, Mare, Stallion, Gelding, etc.):
    *Appearance (mane and tail, coat, markings, etc.):
    In which herd does this horse's REAL loyalty lie?:
    *BYC username:

    Recent News: Skyherd was attacked by another herd of an unknown name.

    *All BYC rules apply
    *No instant killing or fatal wounding of other members' characters -- from now on, you must ASK the owner of the character you are fighting before injuring them in any way. You may make a move against them, but you may not say "causing their bones to crack" or "causing them to pass out". Is that clear?
    *No dirty language (including cr*p, OMG, or any uses of the Lord Jesus Christ's name in any way other than that which honors him. Okay?)
    *No heated arguments
    *Have fun
    *If you don't like it, Don't post on it. (We've had some people comment nasty words on arguments, and that will now be against the rules. Doing so will result in being banned from posting on our thread.)
    I will PM you if you are violating these rules. Violation of these rules will result in you being removed/banned from the RP.

    To join, fill out the form below, write a sentence summarizing it, and PM BOTH OF THEM TO ME.
    Name of horse:
    Appearance (markings, etc. Must be a true color.):
    Breed (optional):
    BYC username:

    A BASIC map of SkyHerd:

    A BASIC map of the area:

    Lead Stallion of LilyHerd
    Yiska ~ His coat is a rich black sabino, while his wispy mane and tail are dark at the roots and gradually blend themselves into a coppery bronze. Yiska's long forelock often falls into his face, which is marked with the bald face pattern, while his muzzle is of velvety pink. Each of his legs with the exception of his right back carries a white sock. He is also quite strong bodied. Kind to all of his mares and very protective when it comes to intruding stallions. A true leader, who never abuses his powers and preforms his occupation as a stallion correctly. Yiska was born around the three main herds from a stallion who was previously banished from a distant land, and a mare he had kidanpped earlier on. When the time had come for the BLM to round the horses up, his small family was taken in. Though he was set free with his mother, the father he had grown so close to was adopted out. Because the two had no stallion to suport them they then moved into LilyHerd, where the old lead stallion became like a new father to young Yiska. When he and several others had been killed in a mountain lion attack years later, Yiska was left as the only stallion in the herd and was given no choice but to take over.
    BYC username: Zinnia-Hen

    Lead mare of LilyHerd

    All mares are brood mares and may become mothers at any time. [​IMG]
    Winema: Average in appearance. Her coat is a cherry-toned chestnut, while her long, lustrous mane and tail just about match. A puny white star can be found on the center of Winema's forehead, just below her short tuft of a forelock. Her build is quite typical of most mares. Afraid of any stallion other than Yiska. Despite this, she is a very sweet and loving horse, as well as a gentle mother. She is currently carrying one of Yiska's foals.
    BYC username: Zinnia-Hen

    Taigi: A young, and rather lovely bay snowflake appaloosa mare. Her black tail reaches just above her fetlocks, and is frosted from the middle to the end in white. All four of her dainty legs are adorned with a tall black stocking, while the right back has a short white sock as well. A thick blaze runs all the way down her lightly dappled face. Very adventurous, and quite the flirt.
    BYC username: Zinnia-Hen

    There are the few stallions in the herd.

    These are the young ones of the herd.





    Lead stallion of NarcissusHerd

    Lead mare of NarcissusHerd

    All mares are brood mares and may become mothers at any time. [​IMG]

    There are the few stallions in the herd.

    These are the young ones of the herd.





    Lead stallion of OrchidHerd

    Lead mare of OrchidHerd

    All mares are brood mares and may become mothers at any time. [​IMG]
    Elaina ~ Elaina is a strawberry roan feral mustang who's been a part of OrchardHerd her entire life. She is kind of loud, but kind hearted. Being slightly old fashioned, her only goal is to find a mate at the moment. She has one foal, Tyrone. ~ equinehugger3

    There are the few stallions in the herd.
    Tyrone is a blue roan feral mustang, born to Elaina about a year ago. He's kind of a show off, and acts pretty tough, but he's really a big, ol' softie. ~ equinehugger3

    These are the young ones of the herd.



    Lead stallion: Dappledsnow

    SilverSun is a goregeous, pure white Arabian mare with a lush shoulder length mane that shines in the sun, and a matching tail that is ground length. She is veru strong and muscular, despite her slender figure that adds to her elegance. She holds herself proudly, a true resemblance of her mother and father, who were each pure-bred Arabian horses. SilverSun has crisp, icy blue eyes that stare right through you, and a smile that is mysterious and enchanting. She was born from two pure-bred Arabian horses, each excelling in Dressage and jumping competitions. She escaped one day, looking for adventure and happened upon Iceherd, which took to her liking quite a bit so she joined. She’s a very kind mare with a charming personality, somewhat proud and acknowledges that she’s beautiful, but is not vain…much. She is mysterious and has a dark side. SilverSun is perfectly willing to foal with a stallion, so long as he isn’t a sissy stallion with no strength what-so-ever. Her loyalties lie in Iceherd. ~ chickendiva25

    GoldenAura is an Eight year old mare, who is a golden palomino, with a flaxen colored mane and tail. She’s slightly dappled, with a dishes head. GoldenAura is muscular, and very pretty. She is sassy, bold, Sarcastic, Funny, a lady’s man, but is unaware of her good looks. She likes to soy on people. Her real loyalty lies in Iceherd. ~ Ducklover2399

    AuroraHeart is a palomino appaloosa mare with an Arabian type body and face. Her mane is shorted and unkempt looking, and her forelock is long, her tail also being like her mane. AuroraHearts Appy pattern is whiter on her rump with several blotches of palomino, but becomes more widespread further up her body. Her eyes are exspressionate and often gleam in the sun. Truly a beautiful horse, hard to keep one’s eyes from. A white patch adorns her cheek and several faded nits of white nearby. Normally sweet and kind mare, her voice being very soft and rather foal like. She can be fierce when needed but usually isn’t as she will normally burst into tears after yelling at someone. She’s always willing to foal no matter what; due to the fact that she loves her children very much and is naturally submissive to all stallions. She used to live as a show-horse under the name of "Sassafras", but escaped when a fence was broken down during a huge gust of wind. Because she wanted to explore she eventually came across IceHerd and decided to set down and live there. Her real loyalty lies in Iceherd, but if kidnapped she will bow down to that certain her until rescued. ~ Zinnia-hen.

    Lotusleaf is a bay Arabian mare, with a gorgeous black mane and tail. She is fiery, a flirt, and somewhat vain. She is passionate, but a good friend, and temper mental at times. She is from Arabia, but was captured and brought on a ship to IH where she got loose. She was the finest standard of the Arab breed. She does not yet know where her loyalty lies….. ~ DuckyGurl.

    Steelmoon is steel gray with white front socks, and a black mane and tail. She has a star and snip on her face, stands about 15.2 hh, and is a throughbred. She is sassy, bold, but independent. She is also quite a flirt, and is aware of her good looks. ~ Quinn4321

    Blackfoal is pure black, with brown eyes. He is very kind, loves his sister, and qould protect her with his life. He and GraceFoal were orphaned when a group of rouges attacked their dam(mother) His real loyalty lies with Iceherd. ~ NixNoodleNumbat

    Meadowfoal is a roan filly, with a white snip on her face. She is as kind as kind as her brother, but shy and relies on Blackfoal a lot. Was orphaned when a group of rouges attacked her dam(mother) Her real loyalty lies with Iceherd. ~ NixNoodleNumbat.

    Foxheart is a beautiful sorrel paint mare with a white streaked mane and a white tipped tail. She has icy blue eyes and she is sweet and gentle on the outside. She tells no horse where she came from, nor exactly why she joined this herd. She is a Missouri Fox Trotter. Her real loyalties lie with another herd, as she is simply using Iceherd for her own plans. ~ horsecrazychicklovingkid

    Moonbeam is a 4-5 year old mare, who has a white coat and chocolate spots all over. A chocolaty brown mane and tail, ice blue eyes. She is also very ,muscular and very pretty. She is sly like a fox, Cunning like and owl, Loyal like a dog. She is a fun loving nautured filly. She relies on no one and is also very skillful. She hates being ignored. Will fight till the death. An all around good mare to have around.Just a wanderer, so no story really. Her real loyalty lies in Iceherd. ~ Ducklover2399

    Moonstorm is a majestic white lippizaner stallion with sea foam green eyes. He is more on the wild side and is extremely touchy. He heard about Skyherd, but was told a terrible story about them from Dapplesnow and now sides with Iceherd. He 'thinks' his loyalties lie with Iceheard becuase of the stretched story he was told, if he knew the truth it might be different. ~ horsecrazychicklovingkid

    *Name of character (must be in warrior format, like in WC, SC, and SF):honeyclaw
    *Age (Foal, Mare, Stallion, Gelding, etc.):Mare thats pregnant
    *Personality:sweet,cunning,high spirited,feirce sometimes
    History:Her mother was killed by a rattlesnake butshe survived with only a but wound on her hoove
    *Appearance (mane and tail, coat, markings, etc.):long mane,long tail,black and white,has snake bite mark on her hoove.
    In which herd does this horse's REAL loyalty lie?:Skyherd
    *BYC username:pekinduck<3er

    Lead Stallion: Dax - A brave ruler, strong in his herd. He is a large gray draft horse of mixed breeds. He does not fully trust any member of his herd, even his deputy. Dax firmly believes in communism. He has no lead mare, because he figures that all mares should be lowest in the herd.

    Deputy: Lorcan - A white Dartmoor pony, large and muscular for his breed. Has killed many stallions for Dax, but plans mutiny for some day in the future.





    New Herds:


    (EclipseHerd, Run by Zinnia-Hen)
    ~Lead Stallion~

    Damon- A handsome white-grey unicorn stallion with a face and body like an Arabian horse's. His mane is long and wavy, as is his tail. His feet are also heavily feathered. His horn is a light, ocean blue and is very long and his eyes are about the same color. Damon is full of wisdom and often makes the right decisions for his herd and the others below with his mighty powers to control. He is friendly and welcoming to those in his herd. The stallion was born into the herd due to the fact that he had been killed early as a foal from a horrible disease, even if he had a strong will to live.

    ~Lead Mare~

    Amethyst- An elegant, light palomino mare with a long pale mane and tail and a sleek body. Like a classic unicorn, she has the tail of a lion the beard of a goat. Her feet are also heavily feathered and her horn is moderately sized and as white as a pearl. She is named for the color of her rather shining, mesmorising eyes. Her voice is deep and haunting and her words are full of wisdom. Amethyst is friendly and always willing to foal with stallions. She was born from the pools one day, sprouting from a flower that eventually turned into a jewel and cracked open, revealing the foal. The phenomenon is said to happen once every million years.


    Nyx- A white unicorn mare with a long, wavy pink mane, tail, and highlights on her body. Her horn is long and white, and her hooves are heavily feathered with pink hair. Nyx's eyes are completely black and have no irises what so ever. She is very outgoing and friendly, a great guardian of both the herds and foals. She was born into EclipseHerd.

    Daphine- She appears almost identical to her twin sister, Nyx, despite her pink specked horn and smaller features. The mare is sweet and kind, very submissive too so she will always obey commands. Hates fighting, but is a good guardian.

    Gaia- A chestnut mare with a large blaze extending from her forehead and down to her snout, where splashes of white can be seen. Her eyes are as gold as the stone itself and glisten in the sun beautifully, and her mane and tail are long and flaxen with specks of sparkles spread throughout. Her two hindlegs have long white stockings and she appears to be an Arabian horse based on her face, well chisled features, and curving body shape. Her horn is long and as white as a pearl, having several morning glory vines wrapping around it. She is kind and generous, very easygoing. Gaia had a hard past that she has never shared with anyone and tends to keep it all behind her.

    Helena- Her coat is a dazzling appoloosa print, being a dark bay with a few lighter specks in highlighted areas and white with dark blotches on the rump. The mare's mane is long and black and her tail is wavy, adorned with a few strands of sparkley gold hair. Her horn is gold and shining, as are her hooves. Her legs are feathered with black hair and gold strands like her mane. She is friendly and wise like most of her herd mates, but is also very protective of others nearby her. She was abandoned as a foal by her unready parents at the feet of EclipseHerd unicorns, all of the mares willing to foster her. Helena grew up near Damon, and is now his favored mare.

    Io- A young, stunningly beautiful mare with a dapple grey body, black stockings, a bald-face, a long blonde mane and lion-like tail, and white slightly feathered hooves. Her horn is skinny and black and her eyes are a frosty blue. She is very kind and generous, but shy most of the time and isn't always seen. Io is Ajax's daughter. No one knows her mother but the stallion himself.

    Selene- Damon and Amethyst's foal. Her coat is a pale palomino color and her mane is wispy and white. She has a lion's tail like her mother and her hooves are lightly feathered. The young mare's horn is long and white and her eyes are like Amethyst's. She is friendly and wise as well as very leader like.

    Xanthe- A black mare with flame colored hair on her tail, lightly feathered feet, and shoulder length mane. Her eyes match with her mane and sometimes flame. She has several claw scars spread across her body from being attacked by a mountain lion. Selene's colored hair and eyes can brighten up the most dank of caves and nights, making it easy to see. Her horn matches her hair. When she was a foal she wandered into EclispeHerd after several cougars attacked her old herd and left her on her own, all of the members astonished by her interesting attributes. She has grown to be a great part of the herd, being very friendly and wise. She is an amazing guardian and can be often found observing the herds through the pools.

    Aurora- A very beautiful unicorn. Her features are much like an Arabian, and her mane sports rainbow stripes. Her tail is rainbow flecked, and drags on the ground. Her horn is rainbow and pure white spiraled together. Her body is pure white. She is very flighty and at times unsure of herself. She has something that happened in her past that hurt her deeply, but she never tells anyone. She can be bold, but underneath is a very shaky foundation. She longs to have a mate and foals of her own. -DuckyGurl

    Aglaia- Has a slender body, with a beautiful sparkling silver coat. She has a straight, shoulder length mane, and long lion like tail, each the same color as her coat. She has bright, golden eyes and a charming smile that can send any stallion into a dream like trance. Aglaia is quite shy, and quiet. She doesn't try to make herself known, so prefers to be away from others. Although she finds it hard to be out of sight with her dazziling looks and innocent eyes. She is kind and generous towards others and dislikes fighting. Her history is unknown, and shall only tell others that she trusts. -chickendiva25

    Misla: Misla is a four year old mare, with a magnificent bronze coat and a golden mane. Her eyes and her horn are each a beautiful copper. She is sweet when she wants to be, but if she makes up her mind there is no changing it. She has the posture, beautiful long mane and tail, and gaits fs a Paso fino. She was born to two normal horses who freaked out and left her to live on her own for four years until she finally, found Eclipseherd. -horsecrazychickenlovingkid

    Migisi: Migisi is a very beautiful Palomino, with a gorgeous iridescent horn, but a fiery personality. - equinehugger

    Ourania: She is tall, lean and slender, with a regal, upright carriage and a swift, graceful gait like a greyhound. Her face is long and narrow, much like an Akhal-teke. With underlying skin of rosy pink, she has a sleek pelt of lavendar-hued gray dappled with small rosettes of silver, which is especially contrasted and accumulated at her rump. Her wavy mane is pastel blue-violet, fading to cobalt at ends so long that they reach past her shoulders. Her tail is the same color, trailing behind her on the ground like a bridal gown. When she warms up to you, she is sweet and calm, passionate, and her downfall is that she tends to over-react and panick in crisis, since she was raised with a fairly peaceful early life. She was born unto a once peaceful herd, blessed with a good childhood. She grew to be, arguably, the most attractive mare of her herd. Later on in life, she became the apple of the selfish new lead stallion's eye, but the feeling was not mutual. When he saw her fall in love with another stallion, he killed the stallion in a fitful rage, leaving her so distraught that she fled. -BirdNut


    Oceanus- A big stallion who appears to be a piebald Gypsy Vanner, despite the shining, pitch black horn on his head. His feet are heavily feathered and his frost blue eyes are usually covered with his long forelock and mane. His tail is like a lion's. Oceanus is a very powerful horse, but despite his strength he is very gentle and kind. He was born into the herd, but his parents unfortunately went missing shortly after. No one has seen them since.

    Ajax- Is a tri-colored unicorn who closely resembles an Arabian. His horn is a pale white and his tail is lion like, his feet being very lightly feathered. He is friendly like everyone else in the herd, but a little shy. Ajax discovered EclipseHerd only a few moons ago and is still adjusting. So far the stallion is being a great addition and guardian.

    Adam- Is somewhere near 15 hh, and is very strongly built and handsome. He has a dazziling white coat, with a shoulder length mane that wavy and is silvery with gold strands entwined in it. His tail is the same, but ground length. Adam has golden hooves, with light feathering that is also gold. He has deep sea blue eyes that peek out from under his thick fore-lock. The is very brave and courageous, enjoying other horses company very much. He is wise, and very respectful to all horses. He is only slightly proud, but doesn't always express it. Appears to be an Arabian. -chickendiva25

    Naoki: A majestic Kirin (Japanese Unicorn) with a sleek pelt of ivory, a back plated in smooth, green scales, a wavy, lion-reminiscent mane of scarlet and a wild tassle at the end of his tail in the same color. His hooves are a shimmering golden to match his intense, yellow eyes, with fetlocks accented in small crimson feathers. His face is expressive and always smiling, with two deer-like horns of bone color that spiral from the back of his head. He is playful, loves to make others smile, and sometimes teases. Besides the power to control nature, he has a strange way of being so annoying that you can;t help but giggle. -BirdNut

    Dài (Can be spelled as 'Dai' for convenience): A Pristine alabaster Zebra/Unicorn hybrid, with showy patterns that begin with a labyrinth of red streaks marking his face like a mask, starting the spectrum of the rainbow, with bolder stripes following it that are orange, yellow, green, blue, and so on, extending down to his rump, with thinner bands around his ankles like vambraces. He has a tassled tail that are both silken white like his base coat. His horn is white, spiraled with many colors in a candy-cane pattern. He is a very sensitive and intelligent gentleman. He is very calm and keeps a cool head at all times. His confidence, independence, and knowledge make him a natural leader, and he is respected by others. Dài has had a very peaceful life, and left his parents when he simply decided he was old enough, which was unusually early. He wandered with a bachelor herd of Unicorns for a short while before finally stumbling upon Eclipseherd, where he decided to stay. -BirdNut


    Feuer: Feuer's coloration mostly consists of a black so dark that he seems to reflect no light at all. Vivid, fiery markings likened to cracks in a volcano's rock stretch from his pupilless eyes that resemble molten lava. His hooves and inner flesh are the same color, contrasting against his ebony pelt. Feuer mostly keeps to himself due to his differences, fearing whether or not the world will accept him for what he is, and he is somewhat socially awkward. On the battlefield, though, he is a force to be reckoned with. What he lacks in muscularity, he makes up for with his powers. He can breath fire like a dragon and manipulate it, and sprout bat-like wings at will. Feuer has lived a difficult life that has left him emotionally scarred. His mother fell for a fiery demon in the form of a drop-dead gorgeous stallion, and bore Feuer; a peculiar hybrid of them both. He and his father were exalted from the herd, and his mother was imprisoned within the herd for punishment of her 'misdeeds'. Young and foolish at that time, he became resentful and left his father, desiring to get a fresh start in life by joining a different herd. He wandered aimlessly for a few years, now and then visiting a generous horse herd that offered the strange colt hospitality. He left them when he was old enough to join Eclipseherd and now leads on a normal life. -BirdNut


    Echo- Gaia and Oceanus's foal and Ero's twin. Echo has a beautiful piebald coat with little puffs of chestnut on it, and a pale and black mane with chestnut streaks. Her horn is small and white, adorned with a morning glory vine. The foal's eyes are a mesmorising gold and her hooves are lightly feathered. She is bubbly and playful.

    Eros- Gaia and Oceanus's foal and Echo's twin. He looks just like his sister despite his pitch black face. The foal is playful like his sister, but a little more shy.


    Kreios- No one has actually seen this stallion. Rumor has it he looks like a spirit, see through with flaming blue eyes and floats around. His voice is eerie and doubled. He lives under a bramble pit with a holy pool and is a master guardian.
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